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February 2019

Alfalfa Powder Benefits on hair, skin & body

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Right from the Indian medical practices of Ayurveda to the Chinese system of medicine, Alfalfa has always been used to treat severe medical conditions. It is called the ‘father of all food items’ owing to its nutritional value. Alfalfa powder is an easy way of consuming these beneficial pack of minerals and vitamins as a part of the regular diet. It affects the hair, skin and body in magical ways with the best of benefits you can get in just a tablespoon.

  1. It cleanses the skin completely and removes all impurities with its chlorophyll content. Nutriwish Alfalfa powder is also a great detox agent and can reduce all the reactions happening in the body which involve anaerobic bacterial action. It also helps in fighting infection and therefore, increases the immunity of the body.
  2. Alfalfa is rich in all the enzymes and vitamins which contribute towards healthy skin. Vitamin A is well-known for its effect on the skin; it constructs the damaged tissues, rejuvenates the skin and brings a glow on the skin. Alfalfa powder also has the similar effect with its high Vitamin A content. It works on the skin from deep within to create an everlasting softness.
  3. The nutrients present in Alfalfa Powder can improve the complexion and the texture of the skin to a great extent. It can also solve the troubles of dry skin and give your body, a healthy shine.
  4. Hairfall is a common problem for majority of people. Alfalfa is rich in Vitamin B1 and B6 which is commonly known for improving the growth of hair. It is also particularly used for the treatment of baldness and promotes the nourishment of the roots so that the strands are held firmly.
  5. For long, shiny hair, protein is of utmost importance and this can be easily obtained from Alfalfa. Its powder can simply be consumed with water and it will boost the growth of new follicles.
  6. Vitamin C is a healthy antioxidant present in Alfalfa which improves the rate of blood circulation in the scalp and improves the scalp health. It also removes all the toxic elements from the hair follicles and cleanses them deeply.
  7. Vitamin E is also found is Alfalfa which increases the uptake of oxygen in the body and the scalp, which allows the roots to breathe freely and gets rid from dandruff or any other accumulation.
  8. Silica is yet another hair fall controlling agent which is found in the required amount in Alfalfa. It slows down the rate of hair fall and thus, helps in controlling baldness greatly.
  9. Alfalfa also carries out the task of removing bad cholesterol from the body, thereby reducing the cholesterol level. It is a blessing for heart patients and diabetes who can reduce the damage to their heart by consuming Alfalfa Powder daily.
  10. High fiber content is found in alfalfa powder which increases the flow of bowels and improves the rate of metabolism. With this, it can also help in improving constipation and also helps against various diseases like gastritis, ulcers, nausea, bloating, etc.
  11. Alfalfa is greatly known for its detoxification qualities and it cleanses the body from deep within by removing all the harmful toxins present in it. Experts suggest that alfalfa powder can be consumed with plain water or milk to have the greater impact on clearing the waste from the body.
  12. Cancer is one disease which has threatened the whole world at present. Alfalfa powder is helpful in treating cancer with the help of amino acids present in it. This amino acid is known as Canavanine which prevents the growth of Cancer. Alfalfa also helps in binding the carcinogens present in the colon.
  13. Urinary Tract Infection or UTC is a common disease which is affecting women today. Alfalfa has properties which can prevent this disease as well as several other problems of the kidney. Alfalfa also prevents water retention in the kidney which could have led to several other problems in future.
  14. Alfalfa is known to be natural blood thinner and helps in improving the circulation of blood in the body. It also strengthens the rutin present in the blood vessels and prevents arteriosclerosis.
  15. With its high vitamin K and iron content, alfalfa improves the production of blood in the human body and therefore fights against various problems like bleeding gums, nose bleeding and poor clotting of blood within the body.
  16. Menopausal symptoms can be very difficult to handle in some women. Alfalfa also helps in treating a lot of menopausal symptoms like vaginal dryness, night sweats, fall in estrogen levels, hot flashes and osteoporosis. It contains three types of phytoestrogens which are extremely helpful in relieving the body from menopausal symptoms.
  17. The diuretic nature of alfalfa makes it a boon for diabetic patients who can consume alfalfa powder by adding it to regular liquid food and keep their diabetes level in check.
  18. An excessive high level of blood pressure can be very harmful in the long run if not taken care of immediately. Alfalfa helps in keeping the blood pressure normal, thereby improving the heart health and maintaining the circulation of blood in the body.
  19. Depression has grown to be a serious problem in almost half of the world’s population. Alfalfa has a sedative effect on the nervous system which helps in controlling anxiety issues. It also helps in treating insomnia and various other problems the nervous system, thereby relieving it from the basic symptoms of depression.
  20. Alfalfa can be called to be a reservoir of minerals with high content of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron and magnesium which takes care of the bone health, maintains the dental health and looks after the pace of formation of tissues in the body.

Therefore, we can say that Alfalfa has all the required nutrients for maintaining good health and functioning of human body and must be taken regularly along with the daily diet to maintain the proper functioning of the body.

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