7 Types of Flavoured Honey and Its Benefits

7 Types of Flavoured Honey and Its Benefits

Teja AlapatiDecember 15, 2020

Since childhood, we have heard our grandparents saying about the natural remedy which we gain from honey. Such honey products with some exclusive flavours added can get rid of the nasty cold and cough one is suffering from. This honey acts as an anti dose for various kinds of flu and increases the immunity of a body. Litchi honey, ginger honey and many other flavours with its unique and colour and aroma have so many health benefits which cannot be counted in numbers. Let us look into the seven types of flavoured honey and its benefits.

1. Honey with Lemon:

Lemon has cleansing and healthy properties from before which contains Vitamin C and is known to be a natural diuretic. Honey lemon water is a good remedy for indigestion. It eventually cleanses the liver and drains out all the toxins and other impurities from the body. If you are consuming honey with lemon then it eventually increases the immunity in your body. Honey lemon also makes your skin smoother as it highly concentrated antioxidants which eventually prevents any kind of skin damage. The same is also a remedy for preventing your face having acne.

2. Honey with Ginger:

Both ginger and honey have their individual health benefits. But if they are put together and consumed the same then it doubles the health benefits altogether. The major benefits of ginger and honey that its the best treatment for any kind of respiratory problems which is better than any kind of medication. It is said that honey is the best medium for transferring the benefits of ginger to a body. Ginger honey helps to improve blood circulation, it increases immunity in your body and also helps in the treatment of cancer. On the whole ginger honey benefits are at a large for the person consuming it.

3. Honey with Litchi:

Litchi honey is known to be one of the popular organic honey in India. The nectar extracted to be used in this litchi honey have varied medicinal advantages. This litchi honey contains vitamins and minerals which makes it more beneficial to the body. Vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin B6, copper, phosphorous and other nutrients are present to fight with various health hazards. Honey with litchi helps in the proper growth of both children and adults. It increases immunity in our bodies too.

4. Acacia Honey:

Acacia honey is a specialized organic honey in India. This is a kind of honey which is found in its purest and rawest form which is native to North America. It is the only pure honey found all over India. Acacia honey helps in nourishing your skin as it helps in preventing the appearance of wrinkles and scars in your face. It also helps in lowering your blood sugar and eventually increases your immunity system. The antioxidants present in this honey reduces the risk of developing any kind of chronic diseases, especially arthritis. This is a kind of honey for weight loss. It helps in stimulating your metabolism and helps you to lose weight gradually.

5. Honey with Cinnamon:

Honey and cinnamon, when put together, has double benefits. On one hand, cinnamon cures digestive problems and on the other hand, honey is used to fight against all kinds of bacterial and fungal infections. Cinnamon honey benefits in curing pain in the joints too. One of the significant benefits of honey cinnamon is that it is the only kind of honey for weight loss at large. According to studies, honey cinnamon creates a compound known as cinnamaldehyde. This compound activates thermogenesis. During this process, your body creates heat which in turn burns calories thereby enabling you to lose weight.

6. Eucalyptus Honey:

The eucalyptus honey is extracted from the tree with the same name. Eucalyptus honey benefits in the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and stimulating your body immunity. It also acts as a deodorant due to its unique aroma. The natural ingredients present in the Eucalyptus honey makes it a very good antiseptic too. It is also a major natural cure for insomnia too!

7. Wild Forest Honey:

Forest honey comes from the nectar extracted from the wildflowers so it is known as the wild forest, honey. Wild forest honey helps in curing cough and also gives relief to sore throats. People suffering from various allergies, this kind of honey helps in treating such allergies. Due to its antibacterial property, it cures wounds such as scratches, bed sores, ulcers and many more.

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