Basil Seeds & Their Health Benefits

Basil Seeds & Their Health Benefits

Nutriwish AlapatiDecember 16, 2020

Basil seeds are the newest health trends nowadays and are quite popular among everyone. But you would be surprised that it is not something new that has been added to the diets, but is used for more than thousand years across the world. The health benefits of these basil seeds are amazing, but at the same time, you need to understand the source from where it comes as well as the uses and the side effects they may have. Let’s find out several benefits that you can avail by adding basil seeds to your health regimen.

About Basil Seeds

These seeds come from the basil plant which is commonly known as great basil or St. Joseph’s Wort. The scientific name of this plant is Ocimum basilicum, and it is one of the famous herbs across the world.
The basil leaves are often used as a significant ingredient in various global dishes as well. The seeds of this plant have powerful compounds and various active ingredients which have a significant impact on the human health. They are rich in dietary fibre, vitamin K, iron, protein, phytochemicals, polyphenolic compounds, orientin, vicentin, and other powerful antioxidants. But still, these seeds are often overlooked by many. This article is focused on explaining the essence of basil seeds and the health benefits you can attain by consuming them.

Health Benefits of Basil Seeds

It has been observed that basil seeds are beneficial not for just one or two purposes, rather for various reasons at the same time. The use of these seeds benefits several parts and functions of your body. Let’s talk about them all one-by-one here -

1. Skin

Due to the concentration of antioxidants and flavonoids, these seeds are helpful in improving the skin by stimulating the development of new cells. Antioxidants have the capability to counter the effects of free radicals, which are the primary cause of various skin related problems including wrinkles, age spots and so on. With the regular use of the basil seeds, you can quickly reduce the appearance of those spots and enjoy a healthy-looking clear skin.

2. Hair

Basil seeds are rich in iron and various antioxidants along with vitamin K due to which it assists in encouraging hair growth and control premature hair loss. Iron is necessarily required for the circulation of blood to reach the scalp and also aids in the production of hair from the follicles. With the help of antioxidants, inflammation and oxidative stress on the scalp is reduced to a great extent which prevents hair loss.

3. Weight Loss

Intake of basil seeds lets you consume a lot of fibre which makes you feel full due to which you can easily avoid overeating. During the digestion, these seeds are swelled up to 20 times than their original size, which ultimately fills you up satisfying your appetite. This way, you can stay away from those high-calorie snacks and aim to lose weight.

4. Reduce Cholesterol Levels

It has been observed that sweet basil seeds have a direct impact on reducing the LDL or bad cholesterol, which ultimately diminishes the chances of atherosclerosis and plaque deposition in the blood vessels. With this, you do not feel the strain on your heart, and the chances of heart attack or stroke are considerably controlled.

5. Control Blood Pressure

Basil seeds have the required level of potassium to influence the blood pressure in the human body. As potassium relaxes the tension in the arteries and blood vessels, the strain on the cardiovascular system is considerably reduced.

6. Improve Bone Health

Basil seeds have a diverse range of minerals which include iron, potassium, copper, calcium, manganese, magnesium and so on. By consuming these seeds on a regular basis, your bone mineral density is improved. With this, you always feel young, and there are fewer chances of developing osteoporosis.

7. Prevention of Diseases

Basil seeds available at Nutriwish help in reducing oxidative stress and chronic inflammation due to the considerable amount of vitamin A and various other antioxidants. With this, the pressure on your immune system and various pathogenic infections and medical conditions are prevented. Free radicals in the body cause chronic diseases, and by consuming the basil seeds, you can easily counter them.

8. Blood Sugar Level Is Controlled

The dietary fibre in the basil seeds control the blood sugar level in the human body. It is highly beneficial for those who are suffering from type 2 diabetes. Taking a glass of water with basil seeds in the morning helps to improve the insulin sensitivity throughout the day.

9.Cooling Benefits

Basil seeds are also common for the cooling effects they have on the body. They help to retain the cold temperature of the beverages you take and soothe the stomach. People suffering from fever or any other inflammatory condition must consume these seeds because of its cooling element to get better relief.

10. Stress Relief

To get rid of that anxiety that’s causing your mind to race and stress levels to climb higher, you can take a glass of water filled with basil seeds. It will provide an immediate benefit to your mind and help you get relaxed. By consuming these seeds on a regular basis, you can treat depression, boost up your mood, and diminish the stress levels.

11. Pain Relief

Basil seeds are also helpful in reducing the pain that you suffer during headaches, gout, irritable bowel syndrome. These seeds help manage many common health conditions to help you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Consuming basil seeds can help you get rid of various health issues, and it is highly recommended to add basil seeds to your health regimen. Nutriwish offers the best quality basil seeds packed in airtight jars for consumption. Available both on their Website as well as Amazon.

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