Top 15 Health Benefits of Moringa - The Superfood

Top 15 Health Benefits of Moringa - The Superfood

Nutriwish AlapatiDecember 16, 2020

If you love having South Indian food, you must be aware of the name Moringa Oleifera. Commonly called Sehjan in Hindi or Drumsticks, It exceeds the level of nutritional benefits of any other regular green vegetable. It is used in plenty while cooking Sambhar or other common Indian delicacies. But, are you aware of the health benefits of Moringa? Read on to know how much can it contribute towards the shine of your hair, skin and much more.

Benefits of Moringa:

1. An edible oil, Ben Oil constitutes about 40% of the total content is very rich in antioxidants. It gives you the exact same benefit as Olive Oil. You can store it for a long time as per your requirement. It is also very beneficial for the immunity system and for skin health in the dry season of winter.

2. Moringa leaves can be used to make fried items and served as snacks in the Indian household. They contain three times more iron than spinach and therefore, contributes to better haemoglobin level and improved blood circulation.

3. The leaves also contain Vitamin C which helps in getting healthier skin and beta carotene along with quercetin and chlorogenic acid. These are very useful in maintaining lower blood pressure and also to moderate the blood sugar level. Isothiocyanates present in it ensure that the diabetic patients are healthy, with a constant blood sugar level.

4. Isothiocyanates are present in abundance in the seeds, leaves and pods of It and they have high anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is the instant reaction of a body towards any injury. It can be linked to various heart diseases and even cancer, which can be controlled to a great extent by consuming isothiocyanates, from Moringa.

5. Moringa also exhibits certain characteristics like flax seeds and almonds, thereby reducing the cholesterol level. It lessens the risk of heart diseases by looking after the heart health.

6. Almost all the amino acids essential for the body are present in Moringa. Isoleucine promotes the creation of protein and several other enzymes and also enhance the production of biochemical components in the body. Leucine acts as a catalyst to the action of Isoleucine and gives energy to the body. Lysin maintains the nutritional balance in the body and helps in the absorption of calcium, production of antibodies, calcium and enzymes. Metheonine is rich in sulphur and is extremely beneficial for the skin, hair and nails.

7. Moringa also contributes in the reduction of liver fat and soothes the bladder irritation. Phenylalanine improves the memory by producing the chemicals which are required to transmit signals to the brain by the nerve cells. Threonine assists in digestion and prevents fat build-up in the liver by enhancing metabolism. It is also an important part of enamel, elastin and collagen proteins. Trytohyan increases immunity and cures insomnia. It also decreases anxiety, depression and symptoms of a migraine. Valine is also present in Moringa which helps in maintaining a calm mind coordinates the muscles correctly.

8. Daily intake of Moringa in any form makes the defence mechanism of the body, strong and provides natural energy. It is also known to treat serious issues like ulcers, high blood pressure, tumours and arthritis pain.

9. As Moringa is very beneficial in checking high cholesterol and controls blood sugar level, doctors recommend its regular consumption to the diabetes patients. It also decreases their risk of organ failure, by stopping fat accumulation on the liver.

10. Moringa is very helpful for the patients of asthma. Taken twice a day for three weeks, significant results have been noticed in many people suffering from asthma. A reduction in the severity of asthma attacks has also been seen in the adults, by medical practitioners.

11. When applied on the body, Moringa leaves can treat warts and other skin infections. It soothes inflammation and brings a cool sensation to the body, which can be very relieving in the summer season. It also cures skin irritation caused due to prickly heat.

12. A common problem for everyone in the dry season of winter is dandruff. The dry cells of the scalp may make you look very unpresentable and therefore, a quick, home remedy can be Moringa. It also makes the hair softer and shiny.

13. Moringa contains niazimicin which highly suppresses the growth of cancerous cells. It is a natural protection from the deadly disease of cancer and also controls the development of a tumour.

14. There are various antibacterial properties of Moringa which act as a natural detoxifier and purifier. Right from the skin to the intestines, Moringa seeds are extremely beneficial in clearing all the impurities. It contributes in removing toxins from the bloodstream by excretion of toxic wastes.

15. Vitamin E present in Moringa is a very strong anti-oxidant which stimulates the circulation of blood throughout the scalp. It maintains the corpuscles that carry blood to the follicles. If blood circulation is healthy, then more nutrients present in the hair follicles are absorbed, resulting in thick strands of hair. The hair follicles are also strengthened to get strong hair which is firm from the roots.

16. Moringa also has anti-ageing properties due to its great cleansing ability. When free radicles settle on the skin, they cause it to look old and wrinkled. Moringa removes these fine lines of age by cleaning the dead skin cells and restores your old complexion. It rejuvenates the skin and brings a youthful shine to it.

By far, there have been no side effects reported of Moringa. It is also commonly being used in preparing porridge and also being added in noodles and pasta to increase the vegetative content of the meal. Due to its high nutritional value, it is very beneficial to consume Moringa on a daily basis. To simplify the means of consumption, Moringa powder is available in the market which has the combined benefits of the leaves, seeds and pods.