Wheat Grass powder

Wheat Grass powder

Nutriwish AlapatiDecember 16, 2020

You are what you eat. Eating healthy is the key for a long life. And Wheatgrass is fast gaining a repute for being one of the latest superfoods to join the healthy eating wishlist. At Nutriwish, we recommend Wheatgrass powder for its various health benefits as it could supplement your lifestyle and make sure that you are healthy and prevent ageing. It is consumed in myriad forms, both as a juice and in powder form. If you are someone who has been drinking sugary drinks and waiting to make a shift to healthy alternatives, this article is for you!

Here is what you need to know about wheatgrass powder

->They are rich in vitamins and minerals

They are not only an excellent source of Vitamin A, C and E, but they also contribute heavily to the iron, magnesium and calcium reserves in your body. Extracted from the wheat plant(Triticum Aestivum), it also contains a lot of amino acids that are not naturally found in the human body.

-> Abundance of anti-oxidants

It has been well documented that anti-oxidants play a key role in protecting your cells against the harmful effects of free radicals. With the abundance of anti-oxidants, Wheatgrass is a food that will help you stay young and prevent signs of ageing. So, the next time you feel like drinking a sugary drink, replace it with a wheatgrass one and decades from now, you won’t regret it at all. And the best part? It is completely natural and won’t cause any side effects.

-> Treats acne and is your go-to skin product!

Ever wondered why the chemicals you use for your skin has no effect on how it looks? Because at the end of the day nature trumps chemicals every single time! Using chemicals and the wrong products would be causing an increase in your skin’s rate of ageing, loss of skin’s glow and increase the barrier damage.

A mixture of a teaspoon of honey with wheatgrass powder, when applied to face like a mask for 15-20 minutes twice a week is a very good way to get rid of acne and give a polish to your face. Being rich in chlorophyll, it also helps get rid of various skin conditions like itching and burning and is also used to treat skin diseases that involve the outer region including psoriasis and eczema.

-> Abundance of chlorophyll helps your organs

Wheatgrass is one of the most wholesome food items that contain Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll plays a major role in impeding the growth of undesirable bacteria in humans and is a natural healer. In addition, chlorophyll is also renowned for getting rid of toxins and purifying the liver.

-> Improves digestion and reduces weight

Wheatgrass not only help in better digestion, but it also helps in detoxifying and cleaning the colon walls and other internal organs. It is also used to reduce weight as it contains selenium, which is very important to improve the thyroid function and prevents the urge for overeating. An enhanced thyroid functionality is very vital to maintain weight. A good way to consume wheatgrass for this would be to have a glass of it with an empty stomach.

-> Removes dandruff

Applying it on your scalp and massaging will help eliminate dandruff and clean your head. One other benefit that is quite understated is that it delays greying of hair due to the presence of comatose content.

-> Enhances fertility

Drinking wheatgrass daily is a way to increase libido and boosts blood circulation. An increase in the hormone secretion and blood flow to the genitals helps in maintaining healthy sexual activity.

-> Combating cancer

Studies have shown that chlorophyll is very efficient in neutralizing toxins, carcinogens and free radicals. Also, it plays a role in making sure that you have sufficient oxygen in your blood. Cancer cells usually survive in low oxygen environments and therefore the threat is eliminated before it blossoms.

Time to adopt healthier alternatives!

You can either prepare the juice at home by purchasing it at many organic food stores. Some people even prefer to grow wheatgrass in their garden.

At the end of the day, wheatgrass is one of the many superfoods that our bountiful nature offers us. While it may not be the tastiest food that is available in our day-to-day life, it is vital to not let taste buds control the future of our body. The myriad health benefits offered by wheatgrass is unmatched and is important that we come to realize that fact and incorporate it into our culinary routine.