Zinc-rich Foods You Should Include in Your Diet

Zinc-rich Foods You Should Include in Your Diet

Nutriwish AlapatiDecember 16, 2020

Having the atomic number 30, zinc is one of the most important elements present on Earth. While zinc is considered as a trace element for the human body, it is also highly important for the proper functioning of the body. Zinc deficiency can cause body disorders like hair fall, diarrhea, eye and skin sores and hypogonadism to name a few. To avoid such health mishaps, it is essential to include zinc rich foods in the diet.

Benefits of Zinc

Helps Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

One of the most common lifestyle diseases in the current fast-paced world is Type II Diabetes. In this, the insulin level drops, which in turn leads to an increase in the blood sugar levels in the body. One of the best benefits of zinc rich foods is that it binds the insulin particles together, which leads to an adequate storage of insulin in the pancreas, thus keeping the blood sugar levels in check.

Zinc for Diabetes- Nutriwish

Helps Boost Muscle Power

As we grow old, our muscles start to loosen. Apart from that, the muscles also go through a lot of strain and wear and tear. A zinc rich foods diet accelerates cell division, as well as the cell repairment process. This leads to the easy and fast growth of muscles, which keeps the body strong.

Is a Great Antioxidant

The oxidants in our body cause ageing, which as a result, leads to the ageing of the DNA as well, apart from causing other body issues, such as loose muscles, brittle bones etc. Sometimes oxidation can also lead to the growth of cancerous cells. A great benefit of zinc is that it has a highly antioxidizing property, which not only slows down the oxidation in the body, but also keeps the unwanted growth of cancerous cells or tumors. Apart from that, zinc is also anti-inflammatory, thus easing internal inflammations.

Zinc as Antioxidant- Nutriwish

Helps Maintain a Healthy Digestion

 A healthy digestion is the key to an overall healthy body. It is essential that the body undergoes a proper digestion, as well as nutrient absorption. The body requires zinc rich foods for using amino acids from the food intake, thus catalysing protein synthesis. Zinc also helps in breaking down carbohydrate particles. As a result, zinc helps in the digestion, causing a systematic bowel movement.

Zinc for Digestion- Nutriwish

Helps Maintain Liver Health

Liver damage is known to be highly fatal in most cases. One of zinc’s benefits is that it helps repair liver damages which might otherwise prove deadly. Moreover, zinc also helps lessen free radicals in the body, induce body detoxification and liver inflammation.

Zinc for Liver- Nutriwish

Zinc-rich Foods

Watermelon Seeds

Unknown to most people, watermelon seeds are highly nutritious. Because of this little unknown fact, people always discard watermelon seed. However, watermelon seeds are an excellent source of zinc, both dry or roasted. Watermelon seeds have 10 mg of zinc per 100 grams. Munching on a tablespoon of watermelon seeds twice a day can control blood sugar levels to a great extent.

Zinc in Watermelon Seeds- Nutriwish

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate has long been considered unhealthy. But one of the greatest facts about chocolate is that it is actually healthy, as long as it’s eaten in limits. Dark chocolate, especially, have a diligent zinc content, which makes them obvious to be added as part of your daily diet. With 9.6mg of zinc per 100g, zinc in dark chocolate shows its antioxidizing properties, which help in keeping the free radicals at check, and slow down the ageing process.

Zinc in Dark Chocolate- Nutriwish

Zinc rich foods Peanuts

Peanuts are, undoubtedly, one of the most favorite snack items for most people. Not just that, peanuts are extremely healthy, which is why many people prefer peanut butter rather than normal butter. Peanuts have 3.27mg of zinc per 100g. The zinc in peanuts have a great role to play in lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Zinc in Peanuts- Nutriwish

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds, or pepitas, have long been used as a snack- dry or roasted. Pumpkin seeds are also used in certain medicines, which makes them all the more a healthy option for your daily diet. Pumpkin seeds contain 7.64 mg zinc per 100 g. Pumpkin seeds being a great source of zinc rich food, they are often eaten to reduce oxidation of the body system and keep ageing in check.

Pumpkin Seeds- Nutriwish

Zinc is an essential element and has a lot of positive impact on the body. It’s important to ensure that your body gets enough supply of zinc to function properly. At Nutriwish, we provide the best quality organic health food for our customers and help them lead a fit life.