Nutriwish Gluten-free Oat Bran 1000 gm

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Nutriwish Oat Bran breakfast cereal perfectly combines the fibre and antioxidant content in Oat Bran and brings you a guilt-free breakfast. This handcrafted breakfast cereal is made in small batches to ensure quality and its raw flavour adds to the authenticity of the product. Derived directly from whole food oats, it’s a versatile source of nutrition that can be served hot, cold or mixed with other foods. Now’s Oat Bran contains 100 per cent pure oat bran-rich in calcium, protein and vitamin C. Mix it in muffins or flavour it with raisins and cinnamon to enjoy the sweet taste of digestive health. Nutriwish Oat Bran breakfast cereal is a great vegan option when paired with almond or soy milk.