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7 Life-Changing Benefits of Himalayan Salts

7 Life-Changing Benefits of Himalayan Salt

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The Himalayas are the most pristine gift of Mother Nature to the humans. The 2400 kilometre huge Himalayan belt has been standing proudly across Asia and Europe from the past 250 million years. However, earlier in the place of tall peaks, the primordial sea was present. This sea was the definition of the purest ecosystem, due to the shift in the earthen plates turns into heaven touching peaks of the Himalayas. The evaporation process has been going on the remnants of the sea here which result in the formation of the pristine clear and highly useful substance called Himalayan salts.

Himalayan salt benefits are far better and useful than the beach salt that we use daily. The salts formed in the womb of Himalayas are incredibly useful, and their minerals strength can change our lives in a good way.

Himalayan Salts Benefits To Explore

1. Minerals bath

After the long day of working in the office or running around the kids and managing home, your body needs relaxation therapy. If you incorporate these Himalayan salts in your bath and soak your sore body muscles in them, then you will feel very relaxed and healed after bathing. Immersing your body in the salt bath can offer more mineral properties to your body as compared to taking the minerals. That’s because our body has multiple mineral requirements, and by soaking in the Himalayan salts bath, such mineral requirements of the body can be satisfied.

2. Treatment for sore muscles

If you regularly suffer from the problem of sore body muscles due to your injuries, pregnancy or simply working hard, then Himalayan salts can be your perfect body healer. In the HPS, numerous minerals are present like magnesium which are very helpful in treating the sore muscles. If you daily soak your sore body muscles in hot water infused with Himalayan salts, then you will feel immense relief from the pain. However, this treatment also heals bones, skin, and connective tissues that may contribute to body soreness in other ways.

3. Detoxification

This beautiful pink salt not only provides much-needed minerals to your body but also acts as the detox that will remove all the toxins from the body and helps in cleaning the body. With the magnificent combination of mineral healing and the body purifier, this salt is totally a medical treatment which can make you feel light and relaxed all day.

4. Air purifier

Himalayan salt’s benefits are not only restricted to the body; this pink salt can purify the air around you as well. You might have seen red lamp sitting on desks of hotels or offices; if you are wondering it is a mere piece of decoration, then you are wrong. It is a piece of Himalayan salts which sucks moisture present in the environment around it. The heat of the bulb immediately evaporate the water in the air, but this process purifies air from any impurities present in it. So, these pink salts can help in cleansing the environment around you in a natural way.

5. Sinus infection

If you have a severe problem of sinus, then you have to clean your nasal passage using the Neti pot regularly. But, if you want to treat your sinus quickly, then you can use Himalayan salts infused water for the cleansing. The salts can treat the bacteria present in your nasal passages and help in soothing your sinus gland. However, if adding salts in your nasal passage doesn’t sit well with you, then you can use Himalayan salts inhalers to treat your sinus. For this medical treatment of sinus, you are required to buy the pure Himalayan salts which you can order from the Nutriwish website.

6. Reduces blood pressure

Yes, you read right, the high sodium content salt can lower your blood pressure level. But, how? All our life we have been taught that salts can increase the level of blood pressure in the body, then how come Himalayan salts won’t increase the blood pressure? Well, there is a very basic logic behind it, when you are consuming pure Himalayan salts in lieu of artificially proceed salts, then your body has more time to observe all the minerals. Your system won’t need as much water to clear out the excess sodium. Therefore you won’t retain as much water, and your body won’t have to work as hard. It’s all because natural stuff is always better than artificial products.

7. Improved digestion

The nutrients present in the Himalayan salts help in improving the gastrointestinal tract in your body as well. The nutrients help in digesting the eaten food quickly by improving the gastric process. If you replace the regular table salt with the Himalayan salts, then this can even help you in reducing the body weight as this salt reduces your hunger as well. So, if you want to improve your gastrointestinal process with the help of natural nutrients, then you need to replace your regular salt with the Himalayan one. This is the best way to shed some extra pounds from your body too.

To enjoy all the Himalayan salts benefits, you need to buy the pure pink salt which has been formed in the natural habitats of Himalayas. Nutriwish is the perfect place to find the best quality Himalayan salt that you can start using right away. Place your order at and get exciting offers along with reliability.

15 Health Benefits of Moringa Powder

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If you love having South Indian food, you must be aware of the name Moringa Oleifera. Commonly called Sehjan in Hindi or Drumsticks, Moringa exceeds the level of nutritional benefits of any other regular green vegetable. It is used in plenty while cooking Sambhar or other common Indian delicacies. But, are you aware of the health benefits of Moringa? Read on to know how much can it contribute towards the shine of your hair, skin and much more.

1. An edible oil, Ben Oil constitutes about 40% of the total content of a is very rich in antioxidants. It gives you the exact same benefit as Olive Oil. You can store it for a long time as per your requirement. It is also very beneficial for the immunity system and for skin health in the dry season of winter.

2. Moringa leaves can be used to make fried items and served as snacks in the Indian household. They contain three times more iron than spinach and therefore, contributes to better haemoglobin level and improved blood circulation.

3. The leaves also contain Vitamin C which helps in getting healthier skin and beta carotene along with quercetin and chlorogenic acid. These are very useful in maintaining lower blood pressure and also to moderate the blood sugar level. Isothiocyanates present in it ensure that the diabetic patients are healthy, with a constant blood sugar level.

4. Isothiocyanates are present in abundance in the seeds, leaves and pods of Moringa and they have high anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is the instant reaction of a body towards any injury. It can be linked to various heart diseases and even cancer, which can be controlled to a great extent by consuming isothiocyanates, from Moringa.

5. Moringa also exhibits certain characteristics like flax seeds and almonds, thereby reducing the cholesterol level. It lessens the risk of heart diseases by looking after the heart health.

6. Almost all the amino acids essential for the body are present in Moringa. Isoleucine promotes the creation of protein and several other enzymes and also enhance the production of biochemical components in the body. Leucine acts as a catalyst to the action of Isoleucine and gives energy to the body. Lysin maintains the nutritional balance in the body and helps in the absorption of calcium, production of antibodies, calcium and enzymes. Metheonine is rich in sulphur and is extremely beneficial for the skin, hair and nails. It also contributes in the reduction of liver fat and soothes the bladder irritation. Phenylalanine improves the memory by producing the chemicals which are required to transmit signals to the brain by the nerve cells. Threonine assists in digestion and prevents fat build-up in the liver by enhancing metabolism. It is also an important part of enamel, elastin and collagen proteins. Trytohyan increases immunity and cures insomnia. It also decreases anxiety, depression and symptoms of a migraine. Valine is also present in Moringa which helps in maintaining a calm mind coordinates the muscles correctly.

7. Daily intake of Moringa in any form makes the defence mechanism of the body, strong and provides natural energy. It is also known to treat serious issues like ulcers, high blood pressure, tumours and arthritis pain.

8. As Moringa is very beneficial in checking high cholesterol and controls blood sugar level, doctors recommend its regular consumption to the diabetes patients. It also decreases their risk of organ failure, by stopping fat accumulation on the liver.

9. Moringa is very helpful for the patients of asthma. Taken twice a day for three weeks, significant results have been noticed in many people suffering from asthma. A reduction in the severity of asthma attacks has also been seen in the adults, by medical practitioners.

10. When applied on the body, Moringa leaves can treat warts and other skin infections. It soothes inflammation and brings a cool sensation to the body, which can be very relieving in the summer season. It also cures skin irritation caused due to prickly heat.

11. A common problem for everyone in the dry season of winter is dandruff. The dry cells of the scalp may make you look very unpresentable and therefore, a quick, home remedy can be Moringa. It also makes the hair softer and shiny.

12. Moringa contains niazimicin which highly suppresses the growth of cancerous cells. It is a natural protection from the deadly disease of cancer and also controls the development of a tumour.

13. There are various antibacterial properties of Moringa which act as a natural detoxifier and purifier. Right from the skin to the intestines, Moringa seeds are extremely beneficial in clearing all the impurities. It contributes in removing toxins from the bloodstream by excretion of toxic wastes.

14. Vitamin E present in Moringa is a very strong anti-oxidant which stimulates the circulation of blood throughout the scalp. It maintains the corpuscles that carry blood to the follicles. If blood circulation is healthy, then more nutrients present in the hair follicles are absorbed, resulting in thick strands of hair. The hair follicles are also strengthened to get strong hair which is firm from the roots.

15. Moringa also has anti-ageing properties due to its great cleansing ability. When free radicles settle on the skin, they cause it to look old and wrinkled. Moringa removes these fine lines of age by cleaning the dead skin cells and restores your old complexion. It rejuvenates the skin and brings a youthful shine to it.

By far, there have been no side effects reported of Moringa. It is also commonly being used in preparing porridge and also being added in noodles and pasta to increase the vegetative content of the meal. Due to its high nutritional value, it is very beneficial to consume Moringa on a daily basis. To simplify the means of consumption, Moringa powder is available in the market which has the combined benefits of the leaves, seeds and pods. You can get your supply of original, handpicked Moringa powder, right away:

Top 7 Superfoods to Help Boost Your Immune System

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With the approaching season of winter, diseases like cold and flu are also lurking in the air. To avoid falling a prey to these harmful diseases, it is very important to have a strong immunity system. Winter also comes as a boon for the healthy eaters as it is the season of some of the healthiest fruits and vegetables which not only protect you from the seasonal allergies but also give the required nourishment to the body. Here are top 7 superfoods which can help boost your immune system:

1. Honey

Honey is a sweet liquid with a bunch of nutrients and minerals packed in it. It is very rich in iron, calcium and magnesium. It also has glucose which acts as an energy booster and the fructose content sustains the energy thus produced. There are certain antimicrobial properties of honey which can protect from the seasonal infections of cough and cold. It is most beneficial in the winter season as it fights with almost all the seasonal diseases and keeps you healthy. Along with the antimicrobial properties, antioxidants are present which improve the digestive system and enhance the immunity. It also lowers the cholesterol level and is a boon for diabetic and heart patients. You can look for original honey and different variants of it on the informative site of Nutriwish: .

2. Chia and Flax Seeds

Chia and Flax seeds contains high levels of protein, dietary fibre, several B vitamins, and minerals. They possess water-soluble and insoluble fiber. These fibers are called ‘Prebiotic fiber’ and contain probiotic bacteria which fight from the harmful microbes and improves the immunity of the body. There are Omega 3 fatty acids and many other micronutrients which are essential for various body functions. Lignans present in them are very helpful in fighting cancer and cancer-causing cells. The three lignans can be converted by our intestinal bacteria into enterolactone and enterodiol which naturally balance hormones. With its anti-oxidant properties, it reduces the free radical effect, prevents ageing of cells and gives you wrinkle free skin. However, it is very important that you only consume the original and naturally produced Flax and Chia seeds. If you are confused where to buy the original seeds, head on to the superfoods sold at Nutriwish and get yourself all the variants of Flax and Chia seeds:

3. Almond flour

Almonds are healthy as well as tasty to be taken with breakfast in small quantity. But almond flour takes the nutrition to the next level and makes it easy to make light dishes with it. You can easily buy them online if you do not wish to search for it in the market and the recipes for it are quick and simple. (Check out: ) They contain huge amount of carbohydrates which provides immunity and strength to the body. It also helps in sharpening the memory. Its high content of Vitamin E and healthy fats contribute more to the well being of health. A small serving of any dish made with almond flour will be very fulfilling and beneficial for the immunity system. It can be a good alternative to the regular wheat used as it is completely gluten-free and makes a valuable addition to the daily diet.

4. White Quinoa

White quinoa is a whole grain rich in iron, fibre and protein. It helps in tissue regeneration and formation of new cells. It also has antioxidants that keep the cells healthy and thus prevent premature aging. It is very helpful in treating diabetes. White quinoa has amino acids which tone the muscles and make the body resistant to minor injuries. It also has magnesium, folate and Omega-3 fatty acids which take care of the cholesterol level and the heart health. The low glycemic index helps in fighting with migraine and therefore, take care of the immunity system as a whole. You can go for any variant of quinoa, red, black or white ( ). Also, quinoa flour is available online which can be used in different ways as per the eating habits.

5. Sunflower seeds

While Vitamin A and C are present in abundance in the regular food items, Vitamin E is very rare. You get it in ample quantity from Sunflower seeds. They are full of phosphorus, magnesium and Vitamin B-6. Vitamin E, being an effective antioxidant, regulates and maintains the immunity system of the body. It has almost 82% of the daily requirement of Vitamin E for an adult body. It is also available on various health promoting websites, like:

6. Pumpkin seeds

Nuts and seeds are all very rich in carbohydrates, vitamin E, antioxidants and minerals like magnesium, zinc and manganese. Pumpkin seeds are a great source of naturally produced Omega-3 fatty acid and regulates the cholesterol level. It has naturally obtained magnesium which fights with anxiety and stress, which is a common problem these days for all the age groups. However, the zinc content of pumpkin seeds influences the immunity system, the most. It boosts cell growth and also enhances WBC production. WBC or White Blood Corpuscles are the base of the immunity system, which fight with allergies and harmful bacteria, not letting them in the blood stream. Pumpkin seeds can be consumed as light snacks and can be purchased from:

7. Watermelon seeds

Watermelons contain huge amount of carbohydrates and carotenoids like lycopene and beta-carotene that increase the immunity and enhances vision health. It also reduces oxidative stress and thus also the risk of inflammation. Other than these, watermelons keep the body hydrated which is a great benefit. But, the watermelon seeds ( ) which most people tend to throw away, are most beneficial for the body. They have high magnesium content and improve metabolism. They contribute to the bone health and immunity. Also, iron in it converts the calories to energy, making watermelon seeds a very important part of regular food habit if you are dieting and exercising.

Basil Seeds & Their Health Benefits

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Basil seeds are the newest health trends nowadays and are quite popular among everyone. But you would be surprised that it is not something new that has been added to the diets, but is used for more than thousand years across the world. The health benefits of these basil seeds are amazing, but at the same time, you need to understand the source from where it comes as well as the uses and the side effects they may have. Let’s find out several benefits that you can avail by adding basil seeds to your health regimen.

About Basil Seeds

These seeds come from the basil plant which is commonly known as great basil or St. Joseph’s Wort. The scientific name of this plant is Ocimum basilicum, and it is one of the famous herbs across the world.
The basil leaves are often used as a significant ingredient in various global dishes as well. The seeds of this plant have powerful compounds and various active ingredients which have a significant impact on the human health. They are rich in dietary fibre, vitamin K, iron, protein, phytochemicals, polyphenolic compounds, orientin, vicentin, and other powerful antioxidants. But still, these seeds are often overlooked by many. This article is focused on explaining the essence of basil seeds and the health benefits you can attain by consuming them.

Health Benefits of Basil Seeds

It has been observed that basil seeds are beneficial not for just one or two purposes, rather for various reasons at the same time. The use of these seeds benefits several parts and functions of your body. Let’s talk about them all one-by-one here –

1. Skin

Due to the concentration of antioxidants and flavonoids, these seeds are helpful in improving the skin by stimulating the development of new cells. Antioxidants have the capability to counter the effects of free radicals, which are the primary cause of various skin related problems including wrinkles, age spots and so on. With the regular use of the basil seeds, you can quickly reduce the appearance of those spots and enjoy a healthy-looking clear skin.

2. Hair

Basil seeds are rich in iron and various antioxidants along with vitamin K due to which it assists in encouraging hair growth and control premature hair loss. Iron is necessarily required for the circulation of blood to reach the scalp and also aids in the production of hair from the follicles. With the help of antioxidants, inflammation and oxidative stress on the scalp is reduced to a great extent which prevents hair loss.

3. Weight Loss

Intake of basil seeds lets you consume a lot of fibre which makes you feel full due to which you can easily avoid overeating. During the digestion, these seeds are swelled up to 20 times than their original size, which ultimately fills you up satisfying your appetite. This way, you can stay away from those high-calorie snacks and aim to lose weight.

4. Reduce Cholesterol Levels

It has been observed that sweet basil seeds have a direct impact on reducing the LDL or bad cholesterol, which ultimately diminishes the chances of atherosclerosis and plaque deposition in the blood vessels. With this, you do not feel the strain on your heart, and the chances of heart attack or stroke are considerably controlled.

5. Control Blood Pressure

Basil seeds have the required level of potassium to influence the blood pressure in the human body. As potassium relaxes the tension in the arteries and blood vessels, the strain on the cardiovascular system is considerably reduced.

6. Improve Bone Health

Basil seeds have a diverse range of minerals which include iron, potassium, copper, calcium, manganese, magnesium and so on. By consuming these seeds on a regular basis, your bone mineral density is improved. With this, you always feel young, and there are fewer chances of developing osteoporosis.

7. Prevention of Diseases

Basil seeds available at Nutriwish help in reducing oxidative stress and chronic inflammation due to the considerable amount of vitamin A and various other antioxidants. With this, the pressure on your immune system and various pathogenic infections and medical conditions are prevented. Free radicals in the body cause chronic diseases, and by consuming the basil seeds, you can easily counter them.

8. Blood Sugar Level Is Controlled

The dietary fibre in the basil seeds control the blood sugar level in the human body. It is highly beneficial for those who are suffering from type 2 diabetes. Taking a glass of water with basil seeds in the morning helps to improve the insulin sensitivity throughout the day.

9.Cooling Benefits

Basil seeds are also common for the cooling effects they have on the body. They help to retain the cold temperature of the beverages you take and soothe the stomach. People suffering from fever or any other inflammatory condition must consume these seeds because of its cooling element to get better relief.

10. Stress Relief

To get rid of that anxiety that’s causing your mind to race and stress levels to climb higher, you can take a glass of water filled with basil seeds. It will provide an immediate benefit to your mind and help you get relaxed. By consuming these seeds on a regular basis, you can treat depression, boost up your mood, and diminish the stress levels.

11. Pain Relief

Basil seeds are also helpful in reducing the pain that you suffer during headaches, gout, irritable bowel syndrome. These seeds help manage many common health conditions to help you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Consuming basil seeds can help you get rid of various health issues, and it is highly recommended to add basil seeds to your health regimen. Nutriwish offers the best quality basil seeds packed in airtight jars for consumption. Available both on their Website as well as Amazon.

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Buy them here:
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10 Health benefits of consuming Pumpkin Seeds

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You are late to work; you skip the breakfast thinking that you will compensate for it at the office. Just as you leave your home, you get stuck in never-ending traffic, and by the time you reach the office, it’s time to get on to that critical concall. You have no option but to sip on a cup of coffee dispensed by your coffee vending machine and munch on some junk food to satiate your hunger momentarily.

Sounds familiar?
Well, many go through this situation every day.
That’s why we have got a simple and tasty solution for you.

It’s called pumpkin seeds! Pumpkin seeds are easy to identify. They are flat, oval green seeds covered with a whitish yellow shell.

Now don’t let the name pumpkin dissuade you from trying it. They are tasty and filling. However, most importantly, they are a powerhouse of nutrients, as they contain everything right from magnesium to zinc, copper, protein and other anti-oxidants.

Here are a few benefits of consuming Pumpkin Seeds:

1. Abode of anti-oxidants

Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of anti-oxidants such as vitamin E, phenolic compounds, zinc and carotenoids. All of these minerals help in reducing inflammation and protecting the cells from harmful free radicals.

2. Promotes heart health

Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of magnesium, which helps in maintaining blood pressure and prevents sudden cardiac arrest, heart attack and stroke. Magnesium provides the energy required for pumping of the heart, formation of ATP, bone and tooth formation, proper bowel functioning and most importantly in handling physiological functions.

Based on studies, it has been observed that in 12 weeks, pumpkin seed oil reduced diastolic blood pressure by 7% and increased the good HDL cholesterol by 16% in 35 postmenopausal women.

3. Reduces risk of certain cancers and relieves BPH

Due to its ability to protect the body from free radicals; Pumpkin seeds are known to reduce the risk of stomach, breast, lung, prostate and colon cancer.

BPH( Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), a state in which the prostate bladder expands and gives trouble while urination, can also be controlled by daily intake of pumpkin seeds.

Doctors suggest that eating 10g of pumpkin seeds every day can also solve urinary problems.

4. High in fiber

The easiest way to increase the fiber content of the body is to have pumpkin seeds. One ounce of the seed is equivalent to around 5g of fiber. Fiber aids in digestion, improves heart health and controls the blood sugar level. It also reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes and obesity.

5. Improves fertility

Low concentration of zinc in the body can impact the quality of sperm and even lead to infertility. Since pumpkin seeds are a rich source of zinc, they are known to boost fertility. One ounce serves for about 20% of a man’s daily zinc requirement. Zinc increases testosterone levels which not only protects the sperm but also enhances the overall health because of the anti-oxidants present in it.

6. Treats insomnia

Do you spend sleepless nights almost every day, only to wake up tired? Pumpkin seeds can fix those woes for you. They contain a small amount of tryptophan, an amino acid, which aids in promoting sleep. 7 ounces of pumpkin seed contain 1g of tryptophan which gets converted into melatonin, thus improving the cycle of sleep. Consuming them a few hours before going to bed can enhance the quality of sleep.

7. Improves immune system

Apart from improving male fertility, the rich source of zinc is essential for insulin regulation, cell growth and division, sleep, taste buds, skin and eye health, boosting immunity, etc. The vitamin E content also strengthens the immunity and is responsible for healthy blood vessels.

8. Reduces the risk of Diabetes

Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) increases diabetes, but the anti-oxidants and nutrients present in pumpkin seeds help in preventing it. It reduces the risk of developing type 2-diabetes by 15% due to the rich magnesium content.

9. Helps in losing weight

One of the easiest ways to lose weight is to munch on the pumpkin seeds. These small powerhouses of nutrients are heavy and filling. They can curb the hunger pangs that you feel between the meals, which results in reducing your weight.

10. A rich source of protein

Protein helps in cell regeneration and in maintaining structural integrity. Pumpkin seeds can be called the reservoirs of protein as just 100g of these seeds can yield about 30g of protein. Regular consumption of pumpkin seeds can easily meet the daily protein requirement of the body.

Apart from these benefits, pumpkin seeds also help in balancing the pH level of the body and reduces skin ageing due to the presence of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It also eliminates intestinal parasites as it consists of compounds like acids, berberine, and palmatine and reduces menopause symptoms. The nutritionists say that pumpkin seeds require no additional aid. They can easily be carried in small boxes and can be consumed anywhere on the go, whether you are in a meeting or stuck in traffic.
Intrigued by the uses of pumpkin seeds but not quite sure where to find them?

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10 Unique Ways in Which You Can Consume Chia Seeds

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Chia seeds are a reservoir of nutrients.

● They are rich in fibre, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, calcium, fat, protein and other vital minerals, which are required by the body.
● They also have a little amount of zinc, potassium and vitamins like vitamin B1, B2 and B3 with a considerable amount of thiamine and niacin.
● They are rich in antioxidants that help in preventing the growth of harmful cancerous cells.
● If you have a habit of binge eating during midnight, then here’s a good news. You can discard that packet of wafers or that box of pizza and replace it with healthy chia seeds. They can reduce your craving for food.
● A copious amount of chia seeds every day in your diet can help in reducing your weight, decrease the risk of heart disease and make your bones healthy.

With so many benefits, it is needless to say that chia seeds are a necessity in your daily diet. However, it can get boring to eat them, in the same way, every day. So, we bring you ten unique ways in which you can consume them.

1. Chia water

The simplest way of including Chia seeds in your regular diet is by making a healthy drink out of it. You can store it and consume it for the rest of the day. To make this healthy drink, add about 1/4 cups or around 40 grams of Chia seeds to 1 litre of water. Let the seeds soak in water for about half an hour. To add more flavours, you can also squeeze in a lemon or add chopped fruits to the drink to give it a different taste. Refrigerate it to have it as a refreshing drink to quench your thirst.

2. Chia pudding

If chia water sounds boring, then you can add a tasty twist to it. Add about 60-70 grams of Chia seeds in 1-litre water and let them soak for some time. Alternatively, you can soak them in milk too. Include vanilla or cocoa powder to give it a flavoured twist. You can garnish it with nuts and raisins and have it as breakfast or dessert. A bowl of chia pudding will satiate your hunger for a long time and keep you energetic throughout the day.

3. Chia cereal

Just like corn flakes, chia cereals can be a good option for breakfast. It will keep you energetic for the whole day. Just soak a cup of chia seeds in water overnight. Add milk to it in the morning and top it with nuts, or cut fruits to give it a healthy twist. You can also add vanilla essence or chocolate sauce to make it delectable.

4. Chia truffle

Who said desserts have to be unhealthy? Convert your guilt into pleasure by consuming a healthy dessert in the form of chia truffle. To make chia truffle, soak a 1/4th cup of chia seeds in half cup of water for 4 hours. Then mix 2 tablespoons of wheat flour, 1 tablespoon of sugar, and 1 tablespoon honey to make the chia seed truffle filling. Pour it into the silicone tray. Melt the dark chocolate pieces and pour it into the silicone tray too. You can sprinkle some chia seeds to give it a healthy twist. Refrigerate the mix for four hours or even overnight and then pop out the chocolates out of the tray. Your healthy and tasty chia truffle is ready!

5. Salad

Undoubtedly, there is nothing healthier than a plate full of salad. Is there anything that can boost the healthy content? Yes. Just add a handful of Chia seeds and enjoy the burst of taste and health. In fact, you can also get rid of the excessive sugar content of the ready-made salad dressings and prepare your own dressing with Chia seeds. To prepare the salad dressing, combine a ¼ cup of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice, 2 teaspoons of honey if you want to give your salad a sweet tinge, 2 teaspoons of chia seeds, 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, and finally add a pinch of salt and pepper for taste.

6. Granola bars

How to satiate your hunger on a busy working day without indulging in junk food? The solution is pretty simple. Just carry granola bars with you. Granola bars are tasty, filling, and packed with nutrients. Just what you need to avoid fast food. To prepare granola bars, you need 1 ½ cups of rolled oats, ½ cup of finely chopped raw almonds, walnuts, and other nuts that you want to add, few seedless dates, 2 tablespoons of chia seeds, 2 tablespoons of roasted sunflower seeds, ¼ cup of honey, ¼ cup of peanut or almond butter. Toast the oats and nuts, grind the dates into a dough-like consistency, place them in a mixing bowl and add chia seeds to it. Warm the butter and pour the mixture into it. Now, transfer it to a dish or pan lined with parchment paper so it can be lifted easily, cover it with another parchment paper and press it flat to avoid crumbling. Refrigerate it for 15-20 minutes to harden them. Remove them and cut them into bar-like shapes and store it to eat whenever you want.

7. Sandwiches and Nuggets

Chia seeds work amazingly with Buckwheat flour, and it can be mixed together to eat in bread. You can also add cooked Chia seeds in a sandwich to add a different flavour to it. You can also make nuggets with Chia seeds. Just ground and mix the seeds with Buckwheat flour and coat it on potato after adding spices and salt. Deep fry the mixture to make delicious nuggets. They can serve as a healthy evening snack.

8. Crackers

Nuts have been an integral part of crackers since long. You can also use Chia seeds while cooking crackers and cookies. This will increase the crispiness and also give them an extra texture. To prepare crackers, take ½ cup of chia seeds, ½ cup sunflower seeds, ½ cup pumpkin seeds, ½ cup sesame seeds, 1 cup water, and ¼ teaspoon sea salt for taste. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees with a baking sheet covered with parchment paper, mix the ingredients in a large bowl and add water and salt to it. Wait till the chia seeds are absorbed. Now, spread the mixture into the baking sheet and cut it into two rectangles. Bake them for 35 minutes, remove it from the oven, flip it over and bake for another 35 minutes until it turns golden brown. Ensure that they do not burn. Cool it for 10 to 15 minutes and then break it into smaller rectangles. You can store these crackers in a jar for up to two weeks!

9. Pizza base

You will often hear people say how unhealthy it is to consume a lot of flour in the form of pizzas and tortillas. Well, the good news is that you can bring down the level of fat and other unhealthy ingredients that you consume in pizza base, by merely adding ground Chia seeds to it.

10. Chia smoothie

Don’t have the time to eat anything in the morning? Well, how about a quick chia smoothie to keep you going through the entire day? Just chop your favourite fruits (we would pick up apple and bananas), add a cup of low-fat milk, a cup of low-fat yoghurt, and a tablespoon of chia seeds. Now, blend it together till it becomes smooth and cool it for sometime in your refrigerator. Simple isn’t it?

Eating healthy is not an option. It is mandatory. Do not let lack of time be an excuse to skip your meals. Superfoods like chia seeds are versatile and eating them in any form can help in replenishing lost nutrients in your body. What’s more, they can be stored for a longer time without any preservatives. So, discard those artificially preserved, self-proclaimed healthy food items from your home and use chia seeds to prepare unique dishes and drinks.

Looking for the best quality chia seeds? Your hunt ends here –

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10 Ways of Including Sunflower Seeds in Your Diet

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Vibrant, Bright and Beautiful. That’s how a Sun Flower is described worldwide. While the plant is recognized for its cheery annual blossoms, it is also an important food source.

The sunflower oil is healthy vegetable oil, and the Sunflower seeds are healthy & nutritious, making for a tasty snack and a nutritious ingredient to many foods.

Sunflower seeds not only make a healthy snack, but they are also packed with vital vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, which are required by the body for optimal functioning. So, if you want to stay healthy, fit and have a glowing complexion, sprinkle some sunflower seeds on your cereals and salads.

Nutritional Facts:

Sunflower oil is high in oleic acid and linoleic acid. These fatty acids reduce the LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol decreasing the chances of coronary artery disease. Phytosterols have been found in high amounts in sunflower seeds which are efficient in reducing cholesterol, increasing immunity and reducing the risk of colon cancer.


  • Sun Flower Seeds are Anti-inflammatory
  • Contains vitamin E, preventing asthma, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Promotes healthy clear skin and regular consumption slows down the ageing process
  • Promotes Bone Health – Rich in magnesium and calcium, which are both bone-healthy minerals.

Different ways of including Sunflower seeds in your food/Diet:

1. Roasted Seeds as a Snack:

Make sure you buy a graded quality of sunflower seeds and toss them on the pan without any added oil. Roast them for a bit, add some spices (cinnamon powder), salt and pepper an store them for a healthy to-go snack.

2. Add them in the eggs to give a crunchy flavor

A quick scrambled egg can fix any meal to be a hearty and whole meal. Why not toss in some chopped roasted sunflower seeds for an extra crunchy taste. One can add some spinach leaves in the eggs too to make them even better. It’s a loaded protein bowl and makes for a perfect after-gym meal.

3. Add the roasted nuts to cereal with milk

Muesli, Oats or Honey Loops…added nuts can make any cereal better. Along with your regular Almonds and walnuts, add some Sunflower seeds for a healthier nutty punch. Makes an extremely nutritious breakfast!

4. Make nutritional Sunflower Laddos

Laddos are everyone’s favourites and who says you can only have laddos in the festive seasons. As long as one can make a laddo nutritious, there’s no stopping from having a laddo every day.

Make the laddos nutritious and healthy by making them with natural sweeteners like dates. Add some chopped dates, sunflower seeds, coconut flakes and other nutty delights; Mix them & roll them all together to make bite sized balls.

5. Grind it to flour and add in making Rotis, Tortillas, Cakes, muffins, etc.

Yes! You heard it right. You can flour the sunflower seeds and mix the flour with any regular flour to make muffins, cakes, Rotis or tortillas.
To make gluten-free, mix sunflower seed flour with almond flour/ coconut flour/ ragi flour or buckwheat flour

6. Toss on the Salads for a crunchy texture

Whether you are making a Healthy Spinach salad, a Grated Carrot salad, Waldorf salad or a Caesar salad, toss some Sunflower seeds, and no-one will even know about your secret ingredient.

7. Sunflower seed Butter

Crazed on the Peanut Butter and Almond Butter? Ever heard about the Sun Flower seed butter. Yes! It is a thing, and you can even make it at home.
Just Roast the seeds for a while and grind them in a food processor until it makes a smooth oily paste. Add a pinch of salt and honey to the butter and store it in an air-tight jar. Spread on toasted bread or mix it in your Oatmeal. Makes for a healthy natural Spread.

8. Grounded Sun Flower seeds in place of Flax seeds or chia seeds in the Puddings & Parfaits

Tired of your regular Chia seed or Flax seeds. Here’s an alternative. Ground the sunflower seeds to make a meal texture and store them in an air-tight jar. Use as you please on your puddings and parfaits.

9. Chopped seeds in Granola & Trial Mixes

Make your trial mixes with roasted coconut flakes, roasted sunflower seeds, roasted nuts like almonds, pecans, and cashews and bind them all together with honey or pack them all loose to carry around as your travel snacking buddied. You are sure to relish them.

10. Nut Cookies

Next time when you make a cookie batter, sprinkle those sunflower seeds sparingly on the cookies just before they go into the oven. The freshly bakes goods taste even much better with the golden and crunchy seeds on top. Call them your nutritional delights.

Buying the best quality of Sunflower Seeds:

No matter how creative you get on your culinary skills, the most important thing to note is the quality of ingredients. Sunflower seeds come either shelled or unshelled.
They are usually available in pre-packaged. Make sure that the Packages are sealed and has a date as you want the seeds fresh.
Unshelled seeds should not be broken or dirty and be firm and not limp.
Shelled seeds can quickly go rancid. So, make sure they do not have a yellow color. If you are getting them from a bulk bin, smell them to find out if they are fresh.

Storing the seeds:

It’s best to store them in a jar with a lid in the refrigerator. Since the cold temperature will save the flavor and texture.

Where to buy the best Quality:

Available both on their Website as well as Amazon.

Top Four Super Foods That Can Lower Blood Pressure

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We lead a stressful life. Today, it is not uncommon to hear people say, ‘I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure (BP)’. A survey by the Union Health Ministry last year states that at least one in eight people in India suffers from high blood pressure. That’s worrisome because a longstanding problem of blood pressure can lead to multiple health issues such as heart attack, stroke, kidney disorder and so on. Blood Pressure does not cause immediate damage, but if left uncontrolled, it can lead to irreversible problems. In fact, we would not be wrong in calling it a silent killer.

So, what causes blood pressure?

To understand that, let’s first understand what blood pressure is?

The heart is a vital organ that pumps blood and ensures smooth flow of blood through vessels. Blood pressure is the pressure exerted on the blood vessels, as it flows. As the pressure increases, the force of flow also increases. An unnecessary increment in this pressure is very dangerous and is termed as high BP in common language. If the reading of the upper limit and lower limit of the BP scale measures above 140/90, then you might be suffering from high blood pressure.

What causes blood pressure?

Multiple factors cause blood pressure. From stressful lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, to hereditary, causes are aplenty. Let’s look at a few of the leading reasons for high Blood Pressure.

1. Obesity

Excess body weight leads to more amount of blood getting pumped. Hence, obesity is one of the key reasons for increased blood pressure.

2. No physical exercise

Physical exercises are essential for maintaining good health. While exercising, the brain releases hormones, which relaxes our blood vessels and decreases the blood pressure.

3. Too much intake of salt

Edible salt contains sodium, which is required by the body to stay healthy. However, excessive consumption of sodium can make the blood vessels narrow and lead to liquid accumulation in the body. This leads to high blood pressure.

4. Alcohol

Along with other harmful effects of alcohol, the major one is that it damages the muscles of the heart. This in return, leads to high blood pressure. To avoid this, one must limit their drinking and smoking habits.

5. Stress

Over-thinking and taking stress, increases the pressure on the body and mind, which in turn also increases the blood pressure. This causes a spiralling effect on the body.

However, not everything is lost when you are detected with Blood Pressure.

You can control it with regular exercises, meditation, and regular medications.

However, the first thing that you must change is your diet. You must eat a balanced diet packed with all the necessary nutrients and macronutrients at frequent intervals to control your BP.

The best way to include it is by adding superfoods to your diet. Superfoods have a good amount of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals that can help you to reduce your blood pressure.

Let’s look at the top four superfoods that you can add to your diet.

1. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are excellent sources of magnesium. They can be purchased raw from the market and consumed, without adding any salt. This helps in decreasing the sodium intake and maintains a normal blood pressure. You can consume them either during breakfast or as evening snacks. They are power packed with Vitamin E, folic acid, protein and fibre, which makes them very nutritious. It helps in improving the health of the heart and controls the flow of blood.

2. Honey With Lemon

Lemon is well-known for reducing high blood pressure with its antioxidants and Vitamin C content. It can also help in purifying the blood. Nutriwish brings this goodness of lemon with honey so that they can have a mutual benefit for the patients suffering from high blood pressure. It is also easily digestible and suitable for both children and adults. Apart from adding it to various sweet dishes like pancakes and oats, it can also be eaten raw.

3. Spirulina Powder

Ayurveda has hidden treasures in itself, with loads of medicinal secrets stored. Nutriwish scanned through the pages and brought the healthiest of Spirulina Powder, which can be consumed, directly from the box. It is an excellent source of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, iron, calcium and enzymes, which together help in improving your health. It flushes out toxins from the body and lowers the blood pressure. You can mix it with warm water and drink it early in the morning. It will have a magical effect on your health.

4. Gluten-free Rolled Oats

Oats are very rich in fibre, which is essential for maintaining healthy blood pressure. The fibres in oats are helpful in reducing the systolic and diastolic pressure of the heart and thus, keeps the pumping rate normal. One of the most significant factors in the maintenance of blood pressure is avoiding sodium or salt. Oats are sodium-free food. It can be prepared with hot cereal or rolled into a tasty breakfast. You can take them with milk or add them in pancakes, for bringing out the most nutritional value, out of it.

All of these items will help in reducing the blood pressure and hence, contribute to keeping the body fit for a long time. A balanced diet, including all the beneficial vitamins, nutrients and minerals can help you in leading a very healthy life and will also add to the years of your good health.

If you are wondering where to buy these nutritionally enriched food items, follow the link: to buy the freshest of super food and always stay healthy.

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Five Superfoods That Can Cure Acidity

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  • Have you experienced chest pain or heartburn that almost resembles a heart attack?
  • Have you been popping too many antiacid pills lately?
  • Are you often left with a bitter, metallic taste in your tongue?

If you nodded a yes to these questions, then you are one of those thousands of people who suffer from acidity. An article in Indian Express stated that over 7 to 10% people suffer from acidic reflux, also called acidity on a daily basis, and over 70% of them are below 50 years of age.

What is acidity?

Acidity is a digestive system disorder in which the gastric glands produce extra acid that irritates the lining of the food pipe. The heartburn, the metallic taste in your mouth, and a general loss of appetite are some of the common symptoms of acidity. Ignoring them can even lead to serious complications such as stomach ulcers and cancer.

Acidity is a common disorder. Most of us have experienced it at least once in a lifetime. However, the stressful lifestyle and unhealthy diet have made this an everyday phenomenon.

What can be done to prevent it?

If you have been experiencing frequent acidity episodes, then it’s time that you adopt these changes in your everyday routine.

Lifestyle changes: We cannot avoid stress, but we can certainly control it. Dedicate a fixed time to exercise. Put on those jogging shoes that you purchased a few months ago and start running. Health tech devices are on the rise, you can buy one of those wearables that measure the number of steps you walked in a day, or the distance you ran. This data can help you analyse your progress and make changes to your lifestyle.

Change your diet: Indian food by nature is oily and spicy. So are fast food that is regularly consumed to satiate hunger instantly. Changing your dietary habits is a great way of reducing the episodes acidity. You can either speak to a nutritionist or check online for foods that can be included and excluded from your diet.

Most importantly, include superfood in your meals.

Superfoods are foods that are packed with large doses of much-needed antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals. Certain types of superfoods are known to have antiacid properties. Including them in your meals can help in balancing the acid and alkaline levels in the body. Let’s look at five superfoods that you must include in your diet to curb acidity.

1 – Chia seeds

Originated from Mexico, Central and South America; Chia seeds are known for their medicinal properties. Chia seeds have high fibre content. A 100 grams of Chia seeds have 27.6 grams of soluble fibre, which aids in digestion. Additionally, it is rich in Omega3 and can absorb water equal to 12 times its weight. This helps in lubricating the intestines and aid in removing excess acid. The swelling property of chia seeds can fill the stomach easily, which helps in reducing the intake of food. When the food intake reduces, acidity automatically comes under control. The next time you face heartburn, just consume a handful of chia seeds accompanies with water. You can also make a chia gel mixture by mixing chia seeds with water and store it for future use.

2 – Honey

Free radicals are known to damage the cells lining in the digestive tract leading to acidity and eventually cell damage that leads to cancer. According to the Indian Journal of Medical Research, honey helps in reducing swelling of the oesophagus and prevents free radicals in the body. It is believed that consuming honey mixed with lemon juice or warm water will help in controlling acidic reflux. There are plenty of varieties available in the market; we recommend that you consume raw, unprocessed honey as that contains the highest amount of nutrients and enzymes required by your body.

3 – Flax Seeds

Maintaining your digestive health is essential. Flax seeds play a crucial role in safeguarding your digestive health. Flax seeds contain soluble fibre and are also a rich source of Omega 3 that have anti-inflammatory benefits. The oil extracted from flax seeds are known to lubricate the digestive system. All these properties make them a good superfood to avoid acidity. Flax seeds can be consumed as ground flaxseed powder or in its oil format. Just include the ground flaxseed in your cereals or salad and have a spoon of flax seed oil regularly to improve digestion and cure acidity.

4 – Himalayan Pink Salt

Heartburn occurs when the body produces less stomach acid. Your body requires an optimum quantity of hydrochloric acid to digest food. Himalayan pink salt is an unprocessed form of salt that addresses the issue of low stomach acid production. It provides an optimum level of chlorides required for producing hydrochloric acid and also contains over 80 traces of minerals essential for balancing the biochemicals within the body. The best way to include Himalayan pink salt in your diet is to replace common salt with it.

5 – Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is made of crushed apples. Yeast is added to the liquid to ferment it. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid that helps in increasing the levels of acid in the digestive tract and neutralise the PH levels in the stomach. The best way to consume apple cider vinegar is to dilute it with water and drink to avoid the burning sensation caused by acid in the vinegar. You can also mix raw honey to sweeten it and for better results. There are several variations of apple cider vinegar available in the market. However, we recommend that you buy the unfiltered variety as it contains ‘mother of apple’ – a colony of bacteria that helps in fermentation. The mother of apple is believed to be rich in proteins and enzymes, which is essential to treat acid reflux.

In Conclusion

Consuming these superfoods on a regular basis will help your stomach to produce the necessary stomach acid and to maintain the PH level in your body. However, ensure that you buy the natural or raw form of superfood to gain maximum benefit from it. If you are confused about selecting the right product, then just head over to Nutriwish’s website to shop for original, unprocessed superfood –


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