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coconut flour health benefits

Coconut Flour Nutritional Value & Health Benefits

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With increased concern for health, a gluten-free diet is strictly being advised by nutritionists all across the globe. This has made several highly nutritious food items like coconut flour to come in regular usage. Coconut flour is made by crushing the dried meat of the coconut and gives a good baking alternative for a wide range of food items, from cookies to biscuits.

Nutritional Value of Coconut Flour:

1. Free from wheat and gluten

Gluten is a protein which is commonly found in wheat, rye and barley and is also very harmful to a certain group of sensitive people. This makes the consumption of bread and other baked goods difficult for them. But coconut flour is free from gluten, which means that even the most sensitive ones can have baked items freely, as long as the base is of coconut flour. It is being used extensively in bread, cookies and pancakes. The preparation process is however, slightly different so you must go through the recipes before using coconut flour.

2. Rich in fiber

Fiber content of a food is very important as it makes the item insoluble. Coconut flour contains 5 grams of fiber in one tablespoon which can easily be consumed with smoothies and other baked items to match the daily fiber requirements of the human body. It satiates hunger and so, snacking on cookies made from coconut flour is very fulfilling. It also helps those suffering from constipation and helps the bowel movement. With high fiber content, it is also a boon for diabetic patients who can consume more of baked products without a heavy increase in the blood sugar level. Glycemic index of a food is its impact on the blood sugar level. A study report published in 2003 by “British Journal of Nutrition” proves that coconut flour can conveniently substitute for wheat flour in the traditional baked items to bring down the glycemic index to a great extent.

3. High in protein and healthy fats

Protein highly aids cell repair and growth in the body. From a 100-gram serving of coconut flour, one can get 19 grams of protein and about 9 grams of healthy fat. This protein is not very rich in amino acids but is extremely vital for cells and the fats are almost saturated. They can be digested very easily, facilitating metabolism and increasing the antifungal, antiviral and antimicrobial capabilities of the body.

4. Best for Keto Diet

The nutritional content of coconut flour is ideal for a keto diet which has been approved by several nutrition experts. It has a considerable amount of iron and carbohydrates along with protein, fat and fiber which makes a perfect package for the demands of a healthy body. From about 30 grams of coconut flour, one can get 16 grams carbohydrate which is extremely vital for the cholesterol level. It is also rich in ions like that of selenium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.
Being the healthy substitute for wheat, people are continuously shifting to coconut flour for baked products. This reduces the side-effects of consuming baked items by nearly 50% and also has several healthy impacts on the functioning of the body.

Major health benefits of coconut flour are as follows:

  1. Coconut flour is completely safe for consumption for those who complain of inflammation with wheat. Their daily intake of bread or rotis can be compensated with coconut flour.
  2. Leaky gut can be easily fixed by adding a little amount of coconut flour to your daily meal as it contains various insoluble substances and fastens the bowel movement with solid content.
  3. It eliminates toxic substances from the body with its electrolytic content.
  4. The ions present in coconut flour contribute to lowering the blood pressure level when accompanied by the normal intake of salt.
  5. Coconut flour is also considered to be a natural chelator as it removes all the unnecessary metals from the body.
  6. Bone and nerve health of the body is maintained by the presence of minerals like calcium, phosphorus and potassium in abundance. All of these can be easily obtained from coconut flour.
  7. It also contains lysine, an important amino acid which maintains scalp and hair health, resulting in stronger roots and thicker strands.
  8. Coconut flour is also called the reservoir of vitamins, containing 11 of them. Some of those vitamins are namely, folate, vitamin C, niacin and vitamin B-6. They increase the rate of metabolism in the body and also help in excretion.
  9. Along with cell growth, tissue growth and repair is also important for the body to remain healthy and it can be strongly boosted by Vitamin C.
  10. Vitamins found in coconut flour are very beneficial in protecting the body against common diseases like cold and illness to grave diseases like cancer.
  11. Alongside contributing less to the blood sugar level, it also reduces the risk of falling prey to diabetes.
  12. Colon cancer can be caused by the microbial actions of bacterial microflora. Only 25% of coconut flour is enough for fighting with these bacteria and protecting the gut from cancer.
  13. Medium chain fatty acids like Lauric acid is present in coconut flour which destroys the microbes which cause dental cavities, stomach ulcers and various infections in the urinary tract.
  14. It has an amazing effect on mouth sores and oral infection by maintaining dental health.

In this way, coconut flour can have a positive effect on the functioning of the entire human body and is also a delicious change to our regular food habits. You can try substituting your wheat intake with coconut flour today and purchase the original, crushed coconut meat, processed as coconut flour from Nutriwish:

Alfalfa Powder Benefits on hair, skin & body

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Right from the Indian medical practices of Ayurveda to the Chinese system of medicine, Alfalfa has always been used to treat severe medical conditions. It is called the ‘father of all food items’ owing to its nutritional value. Alfalfa powder is an easy way of consuming these beneficial pack of minerals and vitamins as a part of the regular diet. It affects the hair, skin and body in magical ways with the best of benefits you can get in just a tablespoon.

  1. It cleanses the skin completely and removes all impurities with its chlorophyll content. Nutriwish Alfalfa powder is also a great detox agent and can reduce all the reactions happening in the body which involve anaerobic bacterial action. It also helps in fighting infection and therefore, increases the immunity of the body.
  2. Alfalfa is rich in all the enzymes and vitamins which contribute towards healthy skin. Vitamin A is well-known for its effect on the skin; it constructs the damaged tissues, rejuvenates the skin and brings a glow on the skin. Alfalfa powder also has the similar effect with its high Vitamin A content. It works on the skin from deep within to create an everlasting softness.
  3. The nutrients present in Alfalfa Powder can improve the complexion and the texture of the skin to a great extent. It can also solve the troubles of dry skin and give your body, a healthy shine.
  4. Hairfall is a common problem for majority of people. Alfalfa is rich in Vitamin B1 and B6 which is commonly known for improving the growth of hair. It is also particularly used for the treatment of baldness and promotes the nourishment of the roots so that the strands are held firmly.
  5. For long, shiny hair, protein is of utmost importance and this can be easily obtained from Alfalfa. Its powder can simply be consumed with water and it will boost the growth of new follicles.
  6. Vitamin C is a healthy antioxidant present in Alfalfa which improves the rate of blood circulation in the scalp and improves the scalp health. It also removes all the toxic elements from the hair follicles and cleanses them deeply.
  7. Vitamin E is also found is Alfalfa which increases the uptake of oxygen in the body and the scalp, which allows the roots to breathe freely and gets rid from dandruff or any other accumulation.
  8. Silica is yet another hair fall controlling agent which is found in the required amount in Alfalfa. It slows down the rate of hair fall and thus, helps in controlling baldness greatly.
  9. Alfalfa also carries out the task of removing bad cholesterol from the body, thereby reducing the cholesterol level. It is a blessing for heart patients and diabetes who can reduce the damage to their heart by consuming Alfalfa Powder daily.
  10. High fiber content is found in alfalfa powder which increases the flow of bowels and improves the rate of metabolism. With this, it can also help in improving constipation and also helps against various diseases like gastritis, ulcers, nausea, bloating, etc.
  11. Alfalfa is greatly known for its detoxification qualities and it cleanses the body from deep within by removing all the harmful toxins present in it. Experts suggest that alfalfa powder can be consumed with plain water or milk to have the greater impact on clearing the waste from the body.
  12. Cancer is one disease which has threatened the whole world at present. Alfalfa powder is helpful in treating cancer with the help of amino acids present in it. This amino acid is known as Canavanine which prevents the growth of Cancer. Alfalfa also helps in binding the carcinogens present in the colon.
  13. Urinary Tract Infection or UTC is a common disease which is affecting women today. Alfalfa has properties which can prevent this disease as well as several other problems of the kidney. Alfalfa also prevents water retention in the kidney which could have led to several other problems in future.
  14. Alfalfa is known to be natural blood thinner and helps in improving the circulation of blood in the body. It also strengthens the rutin present in the blood vessels and prevents arteriosclerosis.
  15. With its high vitamin K and iron content, alfalfa improves the production of blood in the human body and therefore fights against various problems like bleeding gums, nose bleeding and poor clotting of blood within the body.
  16. Menopausal symptoms can be very difficult to handle in some women. Alfalfa also helps in treating a lot of menopausal symptoms like vaginal dryness, night sweats, fall in estrogen levels, hot flashes and osteoporosis. It contains three types of phytoestrogens which are extremely helpful in relieving the body from menopausal symptoms.
  17. The diuretic nature of alfalfa makes it a boon for diabetic patients who can consume alfalfa powder by adding it to regular liquid food and keep their diabetes level in check.
  18. An excessive high level of blood pressure can be very harmful in the long run if not taken care of immediately. Alfalfa helps in keeping the blood pressure normal, thereby improving the heart health and maintaining the circulation of blood in the body.
  19. Depression has grown to be a serious problem in almost half of the world’s population. Alfalfa has a sedative effect on the nervous system which helps in controlling anxiety issues. It also helps in treating insomnia and various other problems the nervous system, thereby relieving it from the basic symptoms of depression.
  20. Alfalfa can be called to be a reservoir of minerals with high content of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron and magnesium which takes care of the bone health, maintains the dental health and looks after the pace of formation of tissues in the body.

Therefore, we can say that Alfalfa has all the required nutrients for maintaining good health and functioning of human body and must be taken regularly along with the daily diet to maintain the proper functioning of the body.

Looking for the best quality Alfalfa Powder? Your hunt ends here –

Basil seeds

Basil Seed: An Overall Health Improving Food

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Basil seeds, often known as Sabja seeds in its native place, India, are highly beneficial for health, hair and skin, even though its benefits are not very widely known.

They have a large protein content and contain almost all the necessary vitamins, minerals, fibers, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. It also has alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and adequate level of Omega-3 fatty acids too.

Here, we will discuss all the health benefits of basil seeds, but one thing must be remembered. Eating basil seeds raw is not at all advisable.

You must soak them in water and use it as an add-on to the juices, desserts, salad, food, and drinks. They do not have any distinctive taste of theirs and can give a good munchy taste to the food.

The most important health benefits of basil seeds are as follows:

1. Weight loss

Alpha-linolenic acid or ALA present in basil seeds increases the rate of metabolism and therefore prevents fat accumulation in the body. Also, it contains 1% fiber which when consumed, keeps your stomach full for a long time and there is very less urge of eating. This can bring your food timings on track. You can have it sprinkled on salad before having a meal to keep your food intake to only as much as required.

2. Acidity

Acidity is mostly caused due to irregular food habits. A teaspoon of basil seeds can be added to a glass of milk and consumed after or before the meal. This will cool down the stomach and reduce all the heating problems which may lead to acidity. It has some anti-inflammatory agents which contribute towards this cause, efficiently.

3. Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is a testing disease which will drain you of all your patience and control. But if you have excelled in understanding what suits your body and what not, you can fight the battle with diabetes. Basil seeds is helpful for the patients of diabetes as well. You can soak in a teaspoon of basil seeds in water overnight and add the soaked seeds to toned milk in the morning. This is a good source of energy which keeps your body active throughout the day and since there is no sugar, it regulates the spikes too.

4. Digestion

Alongside improved metabolism, basil seeds also contribute in cleaning the inner tracts of your digestive system so that bowel movement is smooth. Consumption of basil seeds with milk or water is guaranteed to clear out all the toxic waste materials from the stomach and help in getting rid of constipation.

5. Oral health

Pre-soaked basil seeds are very easy to chew for almost all the age groups and have various agents for fighting bacteria, viruses, fungi and microbes. They are also very active cure for cavities, ulcers, plaque and help in removing bad breath as well. In simple words, one small serving of pre-soaked basil seeds can give you protection from all dental problems and give the needed oral care.

6. Vaginal infections

The ladies out here can ask their gynaecologists to tell them some home cures for vaginal infections, gonorrhoea and bladder infections with the help of basil seeds.

7. Anti-ageing

You can also have your own homemade anti-ageing cream by using basil seeds. Simply powder the basil seeds and add honey, coconut oil, fullers earth and milk to it. Put this mixture on your face and once it is dry, rinse it off with cold water. Natural experts suggest the application of this mixture twice a week for the best results. This will make your skin look younger and control the ageing signs after you have turned 30.

8. Insect and mosquito bites

The constant urge to itch makes mosquito and insect bites very dangerously swollen. You can try applying a solution of powdered basil to the infected area and see the immediate result. The swelling will settle down, leaving a cool trail so that the itching stops, subsequently.

9. Lightening the skin tone

With abundance of natural oils and antioxidants, urusolic acid in the basil seeds can remove the excess oil from skin, tone your skin by shrinking the pores and act as an exfoliating agent which can remove dirt from the deepest layers of the skin, effectively. Basil seeds can also help in the reduction of complexion lines on the face. All of this, makes the skin toned and brightened, alongside bringing a healthy glow to it. Chronic skin diseases like eczema can also be cured by basil seeds. Urusolic acid being antiseptic in nature, heals all the infections and redness of the skin, treating pimples, acne, rashes, itching and cracks in the skin.

10. Hair fall

The crushed powder of basil seeds when mixed with amla in equal quantity and kept soaked in water overnight, can create wonders for the hair. Simply add small amount of coconut oil to the paste prepared and apply the solution to the roots of your hair. Leave it for a while so that the nutritious oil seeps deep into your scalp. Continuous use of it will be reflected upon your improved hair quality and reduced hair fall. New hair follicles will start emerging and premature greying of hair will also come under control with regular usage of basil seeds.

11. Dandruff

The oil from basil seeds can be mixed with coconut oil and massaged thoroughly on the scalp when warm. Leaving it overnight and washing with mild shampoo can improve the blood circulation and cleanse the roots and scalp to get complete protection from dandruff and excessive accumulation of dead skin cells on the scalp.

12. Immunity

Along with vitamin E and C, basil seeds also contain riboflavin and niacin which boosts the bone strength of the body. It is also rich in iron which increases the haemoglobin level and turns out to be anti-anemia agent.
With all these miraculous health benefits, you must give sabja or basil seeds a try, but don’t fall for the duplicate products. Get original, nutritious basil seeds here:

Wheatgrass powder

Wheat Grass powder

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You are what you eat. Eating healthy is the key for a long life. And Wheatgrass is fast gaining a repute for being one of the latest superfoods to join the healthy eating wishlist. At Nutriwish, we recommend Wheatgrass powder for its various health benefits as it could supplement your lifestyle and make sure that you are healthy and prevent ageing. It is consumed in myriad forms, both as a juice and in powder form. If you are someone who has been drinking sugary drinks and waiting to make a shift to healthy alternatives, this article is for you!

Here is what you need to know about wheatgrass powder

->They are rich in vitamins and minerals

They are not only an excellent source of Vitamin A, C and E, but they also contribute heavily to the iron, magnesium and calcium reserves in your body. Extracted from the wheat plant(Triticum Aestivum), it also contains a lot of amino acids that are not naturally found in the human body.

-> Abundance of anti-oxidants

It has been well documented that anti-oxidants play a key role in protecting your cells against the harmful effects of free radicals. With the abundance of anti-oxidants, Wheatgrass is a food that will help you stay young and prevent signs of ageing. So, the next time you feel like drinking a sugary drink, replace it with a wheatgrass one and decades from now, you won’t regret it at all. And the best part? It is completely natural and won’t cause any side effects.

-> Treats acne and is your go-to skin product!

Ever wondered why the chemicals you use for your skin has no effect on how it looks? Because at the end of the day nature trumps chemicals every single time! Using chemicals and the wrong products would be causing an increase in your skin’s rate of ageing, loss of skin’s glow and increase the barrier damage.

A mixture of a teaspoon of honey with wheatgrass powder, when applied to face like a mask for 15-20 minutes twice a week is a very good way to get rid of acne and give a polish to your face. Being rich in chlorophyll, it also helps get rid of various skin conditions like itching and burning and is also used to treat skin diseases that involve the outer region including psoriasis and eczema.

-> Abundance of chlorophyll helps your organs

Wheatgrass is one of the most wholesome food items that contain Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll plays a major role in impeding the growth of undesirable bacteria in humans and is a natural healer. In addition, chlorophyll is also renowned for getting rid of toxins and purifying the liver.

-> Improves digestion and reduces weight

Wheatgrass not only help in better digestion, but it also helps in detoxifying and cleaning the colon walls and other internal organs. It is also used to reduce weight as it contains selenium, which is very important to improve the thyroid function and prevents the urge for overeating. An enhanced thyroid functionality is very vital to maintain weight. A good way to consume wheatgrass for this would be to have a glass of it with an empty stomach.

-> Removes dandruff

Applying it on your scalp and massaging will help eliminate dandruff and clean your head. One other benefit that is quite understated is that it delays greying of hair due to the presence of comatose content.

-> Enhances fertility

Drinking wheatgrass daily is a way to increase libido and boosts blood circulation. An increase in the hormone secretion and blood flow to the genitals helps in maintaining healthy sexual activity.

-> Combating cancer

Studies have shown that chlorophyll is very efficient in neutralizing toxins, carcinogens and free radicals. Also, it plays a role in making sure that you have sufficient oxygen in your blood. Cancer cells usually survive in low oxygen environments and therefore the threat is eliminated before it blossoms.

Time to adopt healthier alternatives!

You can either prepare the juice at home by purchasing it at many organic food stores. Some people even prefer to grow wheatgrass in their garden.

At the end of the day, wheatgrass is one of the many superfoods that our bountiful nature offers us. While it may not be the tastiest food that is available in our day-to-day life, it is vital to not let taste buds control the future of our body. The myriad health benefits offered by wheatgrass is unmatched and is important that we come to realize that fact and incorporate it into our culinary routine.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair

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Apple cider vinegar or ACV is an amber coloured vinegar made from cider or apple. While it has been recognised as a complete package with antibacterial qualities and raw enzymes, its uses are far broader. The whole world is slowly moving towards organic, these days and apple cider vinegar has made its place in lots of DIY home remedies for skin and hair. Gone are the days when people used to be dependent on chemical based products to provide lustre to their beauty strands. They are being inclined more towards organic and apple cider vinegar is a great alternative to turn frizzy hair to smooth and soft hair. It acts as a natural detangler.
Apple cider vinegar adds to the vibrancy of the hair and makes the hair healthy. A bit of science acts behind this function, as the hair is formed of shafts and follicles. The skin surface of the scalp separates the shaft and the follicles. These follicles secret oils that keep the hair look shiny and nourished. Apple Cider Vinegar makes the scales of the hair lay flat on the skin and thus helps in keeping the hair lustrous.

How to use Apple Cider Vinegar to Get Lustrous Hair?

1. Take one part water and one part apple cider vinegar and mix them together.
2. After shampooing, take the prepared mixture and massage on the roots as well as the strands. If you have a sprayer to spray the contents on your hair, it’ll be more effective.
3. Let the water and apple cider vinegar mixture settle on the scalp for a while and get absorbed as much as required.
4. Rinse with running water and wash your scalp clean.
5. The mixture of water and apple cider vinegar will leave your hair glossy and soft without making it look frizzy or dry.

10 reasons why apple cider vinegar is good for hair

1. Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial Properties:

A big issue in maintaining glossy, thick, long strands of hair is the itching and minor infections that can be caused due to excessive exposure to the polluted air. Apple Cider Vinegar has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which help in treating the small bacterial infections which could have posed as big threats to the hair health. Washing your hair twice a week with apple cider vinegar also increases the immunity and prevents breakage. It also fights lice and other infections which have no proper medication.

2. Good Cleanser:

Apple Cider Vinegar claims to have the correct proportions of disinfectants which cleanses the scalp and increases the growth of hair. It also cleans the strands alongside making them smooth and soft which makes it look more healthy and well-nourished. Using a lot of products on the scalp like gel, serum, masks, sprays, etc. causes a product build-up. The best way to get rid of this is using a strong natural cleanser which can wash away the unnecessary piled up chemicals and give your hair follicles the space to get air. As the sticky residue leaves the hair, it makes the dull, flat and lifeless hair turn to silky smooth.

3. Balances pH of Hair:

The hair starts looking frizzy and dull due to the increase in its alkaline content. As a result of this alkalinity, the pH level tends to get very high. Apple Cider Vinegar has been found to be high in its acidic content — with a large quantity of acetic acid present in it. This acetic acid turns the pH level to neutral and brings the hair health back in place. The neutral pH level is around 7, which when maintained, results in healthier looking hair, and also adds more volume to it.

4. Adds Shine to Hair:

The hair cuticles are adjusted in a way that they reflect the light particles well. When the hair is treated with Apple Cider Vinegar, its light reflecting efficiency is increased many folds and thus, it seems that the hair strands have got more shine and lustre.

5. Remove Tangles:

Apple Cider Vinegar is termed as natural detangler and it is very widely used as an alternative to conditioner. Normally, hair turns to get more frizzy towards the cuticle and results in knots in the hair strands. Apple Cider Vinegar smoothens these tangles with the high acidic content and removes the tangles in them. With an easy stroke, any comb or brush can pass through the hair which has been nourished with Apple Cider Vinegar.

6. Makes Hair Smooth:

Very rich in Vitamin C and B and other necessary minerals for the hair, Apple Cider Vinegar nourishes the hair and makes it smooth. It also enriches it with minerals by checking the dryness of the hair from roots to strands.

7. Prevents Hair Breakage:

Apple Cider Vinegar makes the hair strong by increasing the flow of blood to it. Also, hair breakage happens a lot due to the frizz and tangled hair cuticles. As Apple Cider Vinegar reduces the frizz and increases its smoothness, the hair can be combed very easily without causing any breakage in between.

8. Stimulates Hair Growth:

Proper blood circulation all around the scalp is very essential for an increase in hair growth. Apple Cider Vinegar stimulates the flow of blood to the hair follicles and thus increases the rate of growth. Also, important nutrients and vitamins are carried by the blood to the hair follicles providing it with all the necessary nutrients.

9. Reduces Dandruff:

Claimed to contain alpha-hydroxy acid, Apple Cider Vinegar exfoliates the scalp and cleans away the dead cells. This leads to a reduction in dandruff and also acts as anti-inflammatory.

10. Keeps Scalp Healthy:

As Apple Cider Vinegar makes the hair smooth, detangles it and also increases the growth, it automatically makes the hair healthy. By maintaining the pH level between the strands and hair follicles also, ACV looks after the scalp and also keeps dandruff away. Thus, Apple Cider Vinegar contributes a lot in keeping the scalp healthy.

From all the above mentioned benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, it is clear that a regular wash with ACV can prove to be a boon to the health of your hair. It makes your hair look glossy, lustrous, strong, increases the growth and also adds to the volume. These are all the benefits that can be expected from any expensive hair treatment and chemical therapy but since ACV is the organic means to go, it is recommended by dermatologists round the globe.

Everything You Need to Know About Spirulina and Its Benefits

Spirulina, The Superfood and Its Benefits

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Spirulina is one of the oldest lives that can be found on the earth. Moreover, it is concluded that because of this blue-green algae, oxygen was first produced in the environment. It is called the superfood of the earth which is loaded with the hefty amount of benefits.
Spirulina has 55% to 90% of protein which is way higher than beef, chicken, and soybeans. Plus, it is packed with the nine essential and amino acids, including high levels of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), beta-carotene, linoleic acid, arachidonic acid, vitamin B12, iron, calcium, phosphorus, nucleic acids, chlorophyll, and phycocyanin. All the nutrients present in Spirulina is highly useful for humans and provide numerous health benefits.

Top Health Benefits of Spirulina:

1. Antioxidant & Anti Inflammatory Powers

The excess presence of oxidation in the human body can lead to numerous health-related problems. This can permanently damage the DNA and cells, which cause chronic inflammation and can result in deadly diseases like cancer. Here, Spirulina can work as a great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent due to the presence of Phycocyanin in it. Phycocyanin is the main active component present in the Spirulina that forms the blue-green colour of the Spirulina. It can fight free radicals and inhibit production of inflammatory signalling molecules.

2. Lowers Bad LDL & Triglyceride Levels

The number of Heart disease patients has been increasing worldwide. There are different reasons behind heart diseases, but in most of the cases, high cholesterol is the main cause. When the level of bad LDL and Triglyceride overpowers the level of good HDL cholesterol, then heart diseases emerge. However, the health benefits of Spirulina can control the lousy LDL while enhancing the good HDL. There are several studies conducted to prove the impact of Spirulina on cholesterol. One research has shown that 1 gram of spirulina per day lowers triglycerides by 16.3% and “bad” LDL by 10.1% (10).

3. Anti Cancer Agent

It has been observed in some cases that Spirulina has anti-cancer properties as well. The research on the animals has shown that consumption of Spirulina has reduced the size of a tumour and reduce the cancer occurrence. It is mainly noted that Spirulina works best on the treatment of oral cancer, i.e., cancer of the mouth.
A study has been conducted among 87 people of India with precancerous lesions called oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF). It is reported that 45% of people who took 1 gram of Spirulina daily for a year has seen a reduction in their level of lesions. However, it is also noted that once they have stopped taking the Spirulina, they get lesions redeveloped in the following year.

4. Blood Pressure Reduction

Blood pressure is the primary cause of various health problems like heart attack, kidney diseases, etc. Well, for the blood pressure patients 1 gram of Spirulina has been recorded ineffective while 4.5 grams of Spirulina has been a super medicine for them. It is because of the increased production of nitric oxide which signals molecules to relax and dilate the blood vessels.

5. Reduce Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic Rhinitis is an allergy related to the nasal passage of the body. It is generally triggered by environmental factors such as pollen, animal hair, or even wheat dust. It has been seen that Spirulina is a great healer of allergic rhinitis symptoms.
In one study of 127 allergic rhinitis patients, it is observed that a daily intake of 2 grams of Spirulina has reduced the symptoms like nasal discharge, sneezing, nasal congestion and itching.

6. Works for Anaemia

There are different types of anaemia cases which have been found by the doctors. But, the most common one is the anaemia of reduction in haemoglobin and red blood cells. It is mainly found in the elders and makes them weak and less energetic to do the daily chores.
A study conducted with 40 anaemic patients and their red blood cells have been improved with the consumption of Spirulina.

7. Control Blood Sugar

In a few cases, Spirulina has overpowered the popular blood sugar medicine Metformin. Evidence suggests that it may benefit people with type 2 diabetes, significantly reducing fasting blood sugar levels.

Spirulina Sources

It is spiral-shaped microalgae which grow in the natural habitats like warm and fresh lakes. The bluish-green hues seen in the lake water is because of the Spirulina. Moreover, it is the most easily digestible diet with no side effects. However, it does contain iodine, so people allergic to iodine should consult their physician before using Spirulina. To enjoy all the benefits of Spirulina, you will have to purchase the best quality spirulina from Nutriwish . Choose the product that suits you the most among various alternatives and places your order right away!

7 Life-Changing Benefits of Himalayan Salt

7 Life-Changing Benefits of Himalayan Salt

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The Himalayas are the most pristine gift of Mother Nature to the humans. The 2400 kilometre huge Himalayan belt has been standing proudly across Asia and Europe from the past 250 million years. However, earlier in the place of tall peaks, the primordial sea was present. This sea was the definition of the purest ecosystem, due to the shift in the earthen plates turns into heaven touching peaks of the Himalayas. The evaporation process has been going on the remnants of the sea here which result in the formation of the pristine clear and highly useful substance called Himalayan salts. Himalayan salt benefits are far better and useful than the beach salt that we use daily. The salts formed in the womb of Himalayas are incredibly useful, and their minerals strength can change our lives in a good way.

Himalayan Salt Benefits To Explore:

1. Minerals bath

After the long day of working in the office or running around the kids and managing home, your body needs relaxation therapy. If you incorporate these Himalayan salt in your bath and soak your sore body muscles in them, then you will feel very relaxed and healed after bathing. Immersing your body in the salt bath can offer more mineral properties to your body as compared to taking the minerals. That’s because our body has multiple mineral requirements, and by soaking in the Himalayan salt bath, such mineral requirements of the body can be satisfied.

2. Treatment for sore muscles

If you regularly suffer from the problem of sore body muscles due to your injuries, pregnancy or simply working hard, then Himalayan salt can be your perfect body healer. In the HPS, numerous minerals are present like magnesium which are very helpful in treating the sore muscles. If you daily soak your sore body muscles in hot water infused with Himalayan salt, then you will feel immense relief from the pain. However, this treatment also heals bones, skin, and connective tissues that may contribute to body soreness in other ways.

3. Detoxification

This beautiful pink salt not only provides much-needed minerals to your body but also acts as the detox that will remove all the toxins from the body and helps in cleaning the body. With the magnificent combination of mineral healing and the body purifier, this salt is totally a medical treatment which can make you feel light and relaxed all day.

4. Air purifier

Himalayan salt benefits are not only restricted to the body; this pink salt can purify the air around you as well. You might have seen red lamp sitting on desks of hotels or offices; if you are wondering it is a mere piece of decoration, then you are wrong. It is a piece of Himalayan salt which sucks moisture present in the environment around it. The heat of the bulb immediately evaporate the water in the air, but this process purifies air from any impurities present in it. So, these pink salts can help in cleansing the environment around you in a natural way.

5. Sinus infection

If you have a severe problem of sinus, then you have to clean your nasal passage using the Neti pot regularly. But, if you want to treat your sinus quickly, then you can use Himalayan salt infused water for the cleansing. The salts can treat the bacteria present in your nasal passages and help in soothing your sinus gland. However, if adding salts in your nasal passage doesn’t sit well with you, then you can use Himalayan salt inhalers to treat your sinus. For this medical treatment of sinus, you are required to buy the pure Himalayan salt which you can order from the Nutriwish website.

6. Himalayan Salt Reduces blood pressure

Yes, you read right, the high sodium content salt can lower your blood pressure level. But, how? All our life we have been taught that salts can increase the level of blood pressure in the body, then how come Himalayan salt won’t increase the blood pressure? Well, there is a very basic logic behind it, when you are consuming pure Himalayan salt in lieu of artificially proceed salts, then your body has more time to observe all the minerals. Your system won’t need as much water to clear out the excess sodium. Therefore you won’t retain as much water, and your body won’t have to work as hard. It’s all because natural stuff is always better than artificial products.

7. Improved digestion

The nutrients present in the Himalayan salt help in improving the gastrointestinal tract in your body as well. The nutrients help in digesting the eaten food quickly by improving the gastric process. If you replace the regular table salt with the Himalayan salt, then this can even help you in reducing the body weight as this salt reduces your hunger as well. So, if you want to improve your gastrointestinal process with the help of natural nutrients, then you need to replace your regular salt with the Himalayan one. This is the best way to shed some extra pounds from your body too.

To enjoy all the Himalayan salts benefits, you need to buy the pure pink salt which has been formed in the natural habitats of Himalayas. Nutriwish is the perfect place to find the best quality Himalayan salt that you can start using right away. Place your order at and get exciting offers along with reliability.


Top 15 Health Benefits of Moringa – The Superfood

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If you love having South Indian food, you must be aware of the name Moringa Oleifera. Commonly called Sehjan in Hindi or Drumsticks, It exceeds the level of nutritional benefits of any other regular green vegetable. It is used in plenty while cooking Sambhar or other common Indian delicacies. But, are you aware of the health benefits of Moringa? Read on to know how much can it contribute towards the shine of your hair, skin and much more.

Benefits of Moringa:

1. An edible oil, Ben Oil constitutes about 40% of the total content is very rich in antioxidants. It gives you the exact same benefit as Olive Oil. You can store it for a long time as per your requirement. It is also very beneficial for the immunity system and for skin health in the dry season of winter.

2. Moringa leaves can be used to make fried items and served as snacks in the Indian household. They contain three times more iron than spinach and therefore, contributes to better haemoglobin level and improved blood circulation.

3. The leaves also contain Vitamin C which helps in getting healthier skin and beta carotene along with quercetin and chlorogenic acid. These are very useful in maintaining lower blood pressure and also to moderate the blood sugar level. Isothiocyanates present in it ensure that the diabetic patients are healthy, with a constant blood sugar level.

4. Isothiocyanates are present in abundance in the seeds, leaves and pods of It and they have high anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is the instant reaction of a body towards any injury. It can be linked to various heart diseases and even cancer, which can be controlled to a great extent by consuming isothiocyanates, from Moringa.

5. Moringa also exhibits certain characteristics like flax seeds and almonds, thereby reducing the cholesterol level. It lessens the risk of heart diseases by looking after the heart health.

6. Almost all the amino acids essential for the body are present in Moringa. Isoleucine promotes the creation of protein and several other enzymes and also enhance the production of biochemical components in the body. Leucine acts as a catalyst to the action of Isoleucine and gives energy to the body. Lysin maintains the nutritional balance in the body and helps in the absorption of calcium, production of antibodies, calcium and enzymes. Metheonine is rich in sulphur and is extremely beneficial for the skin, hair and nails.

7. Moringa also contributes in the reduction of liver fat and soothes the bladder irritation. Phenylalanine improves the memory by producing the chemicals which are required to transmit signals to the brain by the nerve cells. Threonine assists in digestion and prevents fat build-up in the liver by enhancing metabolism. It is also an important part of enamel, elastin and collagen proteins. Trytohyan increases immunity and cures insomnia. It also decreases anxiety, depression and symptoms of a migraine. Valine is also present in Moringa which helps in maintaining a calm mind coordinates the muscles correctly.

8. Daily intake of Moringa in any form makes the defence mechanism of the body, strong and provides natural energy. It is also known to treat serious issues like ulcers, high blood pressure, tumours and arthritis pain.

9. As Moringa is very beneficial in checking high cholesterol and controls blood sugar level, doctors recommend its regular consumption to the diabetes patients. It also decreases their risk of organ failure, by stopping fat accumulation on the liver.

10. Moringa is very helpful for the patients of asthma. Taken twice a day for three weeks, significant results have been noticed in many people suffering from asthma. A reduction in the severity of asthma attacks has also been seen in the adults, by medical practitioners.

11. When applied on the body, Moringa leaves can treat warts and other skin infections. It soothes inflammation and brings a cool sensation to the body, which can be very relieving in the summer season. It also cures skin irritation caused due to prickly heat.

12. A common problem for everyone in the dry season of winter is dandruff. The dry cells of the scalp may make you look very unpresentable and therefore, a quick, home remedy can be Moringa. It also makes the hair softer and shiny.

13. Moringa contains niazimicin which highly suppresses the growth of cancerous cells. It is a natural protection from the deadly disease of cancer and also controls the development of a tumour.

14. There are various antibacterial properties of Moringa which act as a natural detoxifier and purifier. Right from the skin to the intestines, Moringa seeds are extremely beneficial in clearing all the impurities. It contributes in removing toxins from the bloodstream by excretion of toxic wastes.

15. Vitamin E present in Moringa is a very strong anti-oxidant which stimulates the circulation of blood throughout the scalp. It maintains the corpuscles that carry blood to the follicles. If blood circulation is healthy, then more nutrients present in the hair follicles are absorbed, resulting in thick strands of hair. The hair follicles are also strengthened to get strong hair which is firm from the roots.

16. Moringa also has anti-ageing properties due to its great cleansing ability. When free radicles settle on the skin, they cause it to look old and wrinkled. Moringa removes these fine lines of age by cleaning the dead skin cells and restores your old complexion. It rejuvenates the skin and brings a youthful shine to it.

By far, there have been no side effects reported of Moringa. It is also commonly being used in preparing porridge and also being added in noodles and pasta to increase the vegetative content of the meal. Due to its high nutritional value, it is very beneficial to consume Moringa on a daily basis. To simplify the means of consumption, Moringa powder is available in the market which has the combined benefits of the leaves, seeds and pods. You can get your supply of original, handpicked Moringa powder, right away:


Top 7 Superfoods to Help Boost Your Immune System

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With the approaching season of winter, diseases like cold and flu are also lurking in the air. To avoid falling a prey to these harmful diseases, it is very important to have a strong immunity system. Winter also comes as a boon for the healthy eaters as it is the season of some of the healthiest fruits and vegetables which not only protect you from the seasonal allergies but also give the required nourishment to the body. Here are top 7 superfoods which can help boost your immune system:

1. Honey

Honey is a sweet liquid with a bunch of nutrients and minerals packed in it. It is very rich in iron, calcium and magnesium. This superfood has glucose which acts as an energy booster and the fructose content sustains the energy thus produced. There are certain antimicrobial properties of honey which can protect from the seasonal infections of cough and cold. It is most beneficial in the winter season as it fights with almost all the seasonal diseases and keeps you healthy. Along with the antimicrobial properties, antioxidants are present which improve the digestive system and enhance the immunity. It also lowers the cholesterol level and is a boon for diabetic and heart patients. You can look for original honey and different variants of it on the informative site of Nutriwish: .

2. Chia and Flax Seeds

Chia and Flax seeds contains high levels of protein, dietary fibre, several B vitamins, and minerals. They possess water-soluble and insoluble fiber. These fibers are called ‘Prebiotic fiber’ and contain probiotic bacteria which fight from the harmful microbes and improves the immunity of the body. There are Omega 3 fatty acids and many other micronutrients which are essential for various body functions. Lignans present in them are very helpful in fighting cancer and cancer-causing cells. The three lignans can be converted by our intestinal bacteria into enterolactone and enterodiol which naturally balance hormones. With its anti-oxidant properties, these superfoods reduces the free radical effect, prevents ageing of cells and gives you wrinkle free skin. However, it is very important that you only consume the original and naturally produced Flax and Chia seeds. If you are confused where to buy the original seeds, head on to the superfoods sold at Nutriwish and get yourself all the variants of Flax and Chia seeds:

3. Almond flour

Almonds are healthy as well as tasty to be taken with breakfast in small quantity. But almond flour takes the nutrition to the next level and makes it easy to make light dishes with it. You can easily buy them online if you do not wish to search for it in the market and the recipes for it are quick and simple. (Check out: ) They contain huge amount of carbohydrates which provides immunity and strength to the body. It also helps in sharpening the memory. Its high content of Vitamin E and healthy fats contribute more to the well being of health. A small serving of any dish made with almond flour will be very fulfilling and beneficial for the immunity system. It can be a good alternative to the regular wheat used as it is completely gluten-free and makes a valuable addition to the daily diet.

4. White Quinoa

White quinoa is a whole grain superfood rich in iron, fibre and protein. It helps in tissue regeneration and formation of new cells. It also has antioxidants that keep the cells healthy and thus prevent premature aging and It is very helpful in treating diabetes. White quinoa has amino acids which tone the muscles and make the body resistant to minor injuries. It also has magnesium, folate and Omega-3 fatty acids which take care of the cholesterol level and the heart health. The low glycemic index helps in fighting with migraine and therefore, take care of the immunity system as a whole. You can go for any variant of quinoa, red, black or white ( ). Also, quinoa flour is available online which can be used in different ways as per the eating habits.

5. Superfoods Sunflower seeds

While Vitamin A and C are present in abundance in the regular food items, Vitamin E is very rare. You get it in ample quantity from Sunflower seeds. They are full of phosphorus, magnesium and Vitamin B-6. Vitamin E, being an effective antioxidant, regulates and maintains the immunity system of the body. It has almost 82% of the daily requirement of Vitamin E for an adult body. It is also available on various health promoting websites, like:

6. Pumpkin seeds

Nuts and seeds are all very rich in carbohydrates, vitamin E, antioxidants and minerals like magnesium, zinc and manganese. Pumpkin seeds being a superfoods is a great source of naturally produced Omega-3 fatty acid and regulates the cholesterol level. It has naturally obtained magnesium which fights with anxiety and stress, which is a common problem these days for all the age groups. However, the zinc content of pumpkin seeds influences the immunity system, the most. It boosts cell growth and also enhances WBC production. WBC or White Blood Corpuscles are the base of the immunity system, which fight with allergies and harmful bacteria, not letting them in the blood stream. Pumpkin seeds can be consumed as light snacks and can be purchased from:

7. Watermelon seeds

Watermelons contain huge amount of carbohydrates and carotenoids like lycopene and beta-carotene that increase the immunity and enhances vision health. It also reduces oxidative stress and thus also the risk of inflammation. Other than these, watermelons keep the body hydrated which is a great benefit. But, the watermelon seeds ( ) which most people tend to throw away, are most beneficial for the body. They have high magnesium content and improve metabolism. They contribute to the bone health and immunity. Also, iron in it converts the calories to energy, making watermelon seeds a very important superfoods if you are dieting and exercising.

Basil seeds and their Health Benefits

Basil Seeds & Their Health Benefits

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Basil seeds are the newest health trends nowadays and are quite popular among everyone. But you would be surprised that it is not something new that has been added to the diets, but is used for more than thousand years across the world. The health benefits of these basil seeds are amazing, but at the same time, you need to understand the source from where it comes as well as the uses and the side effects they may have. Let’s find out several benefits that you can avail by adding basil seeds to your health regimen.

About Basil Seeds

These seeds come from the basil plant which is commonly known as great basil or St. Joseph’s Wort. The scientific name of this plant is Ocimum basilicum, and it is one of the famous herbs across the world.
The basil leaves are often used as a significant ingredient in various global dishes as well. The seeds of this plant have powerful compounds and various active ingredients which have a significant impact on the human health. They are rich in dietary fibre, vitamin K, iron, protein, phytochemicals, polyphenolic compounds, orientin, vicentin, and other powerful antioxidants. But still, these seeds are often overlooked by many. This article is focused on explaining the essence of basil seeds and the health benefits you can attain by consuming them.

Health Benefits of Basil Seeds

It has been observed that basil seeds are beneficial not for just one or two purposes, rather for various reasons at the same time. The use of these seeds benefits several parts and functions of your body. Let’s talk about them all one-by-one here –

1. Skin

Due to the concentration of antioxidants and flavonoids, these seeds are helpful in improving the skin by stimulating the development of new cells. Antioxidants have the capability to counter the effects of free radicals, which are the primary cause of various skin related problems including wrinkles, age spots and so on. With the regular use of the basil seeds, you can quickly reduce the appearance of those spots and enjoy a healthy-looking clear skin.

2. Hair

Basil seeds are rich in iron and various antioxidants along with vitamin K due to which it assists in encouraging hair growth and control premature hair loss. Iron is necessarily required for the circulation of blood to reach the scalp and also aids in the production of hair from the follicles. With the help of antioxidants, inflammation and oxidative stress on the scalp is reduced to a great extent which prevents hair loss.

3. Weight Loss

Intake of basil seeds lets you consume a lot of fibre which makes you feel full due to which you can easily avoid overeating. During the digestion, these seeds are swelled up to 20 times than their original size, which ultimately fills you up satisfying your appetite. This way, you can stay away from those high-calorie snacks and aim to lose weight.

4. Reduce Cholesterol Levels

It has been observed that sweet basil seeds have a direct impact on reducing the LDL or bad cholesterol, which ultimately diminishes the chances of atherosclerosis and plaque deposition in the blood vessels. With this, you do not feel the strain on your heart, and the chances of heart attack or stroke are considerably controlled.

5. Control Blood Pressure

Basil seeds have the required level of potassium to influence the blood pressure in the human body. As potassium relaxes the tension in the arteries and blood vessels, the strain on the cardiovascular system is considerably reduced.

6. Improve Bone Health

Basil seeds have a diverse range of minerals which include iron, potassium, copper, calcium, manganese, magnesium and so on. By consuming these seeds on a regular basis, your bone mineral density is improved. With this, you always feel young, and there are fewer chances of developing osteoporosis.

7. Prevention of Diseases

Basil seeds available at Nutriwish help in reducing oxidative stress and chronic inflammation due to the considerable amount of vitamin A and various other antioxidants. With this, the pressure on your immune system and various pathogenic infections and medical conditions are prevented. Free radicals in the body cause chronic diseases, and by consuming the basil seeds, you can easily counter them.

8. Blood Sugar Level Is Controlled

The dietary fibre in the basil seeds control the blood sugar level in the human body. It is highly beneficial for those who are suffering from type 2 diabetes. Taking a glass of water with basil seeds in the morning helps to improve the insulin sensitivity throughout the day.

9.Cooling Benefits

Basil seeds are also common for the cooling effects they have on the body. They help to retain the cold temperature of the beverages you take and soothe the stomach. People suffering from fever or any other inflammatory condition must consume these seeds because of its cooling element to get better relief.

10. Stress Relief

To get rid of that anxiety that’s causing your mind to race and stress levels to climb higher, you can take a glass of water filled with basil seeds. It will provide an immediate benefit to your mind and help you get relaxed. By consuming these seeds on a regular basis, you can treat depression, boost up your mood, and diminish the stress levels.

11. Pain Relief

Basil seeds are also helpful in reducing the pain that you suffer during headaches, gout, irritable bowel syndrome. These seeds help manage many common health conditions to help you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Consuming basil seeds can help you get rid of various health issues, and it is highly recommended to add basil seeds to your health regimen. Nutriwish offers the best quality basil seeds packed in airtight jars for consumption. Available both on their Website as well as Amazon.

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